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Give the gift of food! Gourmet meal delivery vouchers

Your Private Chef - Monday, July 17, 2017
Gourmet meal delivery voucher

Looking for something different to give as a gift to your loved ones? Surprise and delight them with a gourmet meal delivery voucher from Your Private Chef.

Our flexible weekly menus cater to a wide variety of dietary needs and requirements, and are perfect for everyone!

The convenience these meal vouchers bring alleviates stress brought on by periods of increased activity or new responsibilities.

Think outside the box for your next housewarming or baby gift – think food, and give the gift of a YPC meal delivery voucher!

Giving the gift of food is easy – simply buy online and let your loved one choose the meals they want delivered direct to their door! 

Questions? Contact us today!

New parents

As much as it is an exciting time full of new experiences and memories, becoming a new parent can also be a quite stressful time with a sharp learning curve. New responsibilities, extra expenses and many sleepless nights, sometimes meals are forgotten altogether.

One of our meal vouchers would be the perfect gift to give the new parents a night off and one less thing to worry about. And in those first few months of parenthood, every extra relief counts.

New Mum’s Pantry

Created by YPC co-founder Ana, our New Mum’s Pantry package has been specifically designed for new mothers. Enjoy 12 nutrient-dense meals PLUS 12 lactation cookies, designed to boost milk supply.

Know a new or expectant mother? This is the perfect gift for them! View the full menu and order online here.

P.S – This package is also available in a vegetarian option!

Meal delivery voucher

New home owners

Searching for a home can be a lengthy process, and in many cases, can be tiresome. Organising movers and juggling paperwork can be chaotic, so when you finally reach the first-night milestone, greasy take-out might be the only thing on your mind.

A gift of our gourmet meal voucher is a thoughtful way to allow friends or family to enjoy the first few nights in their new home.

Young people fresh out of home

Whether it’s for uni, a new interstate job, or simply to get out of the family home, the desire to live independently (or with friends or a partner) is a driving force for kids to fly the coop.

Empty nesters may be missing their brood, so why not remind them that you’re still the person who cares the most with a gourmet meal delivery voucher?

Ideal for young adults who are still finding their feet, a meal voucher can help alleviate the stress that comes with moving out of home (while parents can rest assured that their kids are still eating well!)

The elderly

Along with aging comes the slow loss of independence.

While some older people try to maintain their independent lifestyle (e.g. living alone), some tasks may simply become too difficult. If you know an older person who might need a hand when it comes to meal time, why not surprise them with a gourmet meal voucher?

Choose your amount and allow them to enjoy nutritious and perfectly portioned meals. Order a pack or a voucher online today and get it delivered direct to their door.

Meal delivery voucher

Patients recovering from surgery

Whether it’s a broken bone that limits mobility or something that affects energy levels or co-ordination, you can support a friend or family member who has recently undergone surgery by ensuring they continue to enjoy healthy meals!

During a patient’s first few days back at home, they will be concentrating on getting adequate rest or participating in low-impact rehabilitation sessions. Cooking will be the last thing on their mind!

Save them from boring meals with a meal delivery voucher that will put the flavour and nutrition back into their diet! Hospital food at its best can be bland, so welcome them home with a meal voucher that will deliver them delicious and nutritious meals as they begin their recovery.

Buy a gourmet meal delivery voucher today!

Giving the gift of food is easy – simply buy online and let your loved one choose the meals they want delivered direct to their door! Order here and if you have any questions, please call us!


Buffet vs. three-course dining: which should you choose?

Your Private Chef - Friday, June 30, 2017

When it comes to catered events, one of the earliest choices you have to make is whether you want an event that provides sit-down, course dining or the more casual buffet-style dining.

We dissect both below, helping you to decide which is the most suitable for your next event!

Questions? Call us!

What is three-course catering?

This is the perfect choice for a traditional fine dining format. Our seasonal menus give many choices for entrée, main and dessert to suit your preference.

For larger groups we also include complimentary split course (where you choose two dishes). View our current three-course menu.

3 course catering from Your Private Chef

What is shared, or buffet, catering?

A beautiful shared meal experience, these opulent food stations are all about choice, choice, and, you guessed it, more choice!

Shared platters are all about connecting with your guests over these beautifully presented platters and trialling a bit of everything on offer.

This is an economical, intimate and engaging way to dine and you can most definitely still enjoy multiple courses in this style. View our shared dining menu.


Buffet catering

In any group, there are usually multiple dietary requirements, varying tastes and even different appetite levels.

That’s why Your Private Chef’s opulent food stations can make for the perfect dining style. With so much choice and variety on offer this dining style can also become the perfect playground for food styling.

With flowers and props and beautiful platers, buffet styling is a serious wow with Your Private Chef.

Office catering – the buffet lunch

Tick all the right boxes for the whole team with a beautiful buffet lunch spread.

Choose from our corporate buffet catering lunch menu or our special event buffet packages. If it’s just a light meal you need, then go for our specialised grazing stations to impress your office.

Buffet catering

The deliciously casual wedding

Reinvent wedding catering with this interactive dining style.

Buffet-style catering allows your guests to eat with their eyes and enjoy the table styling just as much as they will enjoy the opulent spread before them.

Buffet catering for weddings can be as formal or as casual as your style is.

 Buffet catering from Your Private Chef

Three-course menu: sit-down catering

Nothing says fine dining quite like the traditional plated meal of entrée, main and dessert.

Our chefs work hard to create seasonally adjusted and on-trend menus, which play with colour, texture and flavour to create the ultimate statement dish; and in a dining style that is all about attention to detail table service.

Weddings and engagements

Keep presentation classic with a modern palette and flavour base.

Three-course plated fine dining is a wonderful wedding choice to celebrate traditional style to allow your formal table setting to shine. 

Boardroom lunches & corporate meetings

Sit-down catering for your boardroom lunch or dinner is a fabulous choice when formality and a finite level of service is required to impress.

Ample choice awaits in the three-course menu and we can also cater to your group’s dietary needs.


Buffet and sit-down catering from Your Private Chef

Unsure of which menu will suit your room, your guests and your budget?

Call a Your Private Chef Event Consultant to discuss the best menu and event configuration for you! We look forward to helping you determine the right menu and food experience.


The heartiest winter dishes from our gourmet meal delivery menu

Your Private Chef - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Winter certainly brings out the inner bear in us, as we want to stay home more to warm up the body and soul with comfort foods and warming meals like soups and casseroles.

We crave nutrient dense and heavier meals to give us energy and yet with the daily grind of work and the drudge of the shorter daylight hours we lack the time to cook these time consuming classics each night.

Often, the last thing you feel like doing when you finally arrive home after a long day is to start preparing dinner!

Combine that with forcing yourself to attend a post-work gym sesh, shuttling the kids to their after-school activities, and the general running of the household, and you mightn’t be eating dinner until after 8 or 9 in the evening!

That’s where gourmet meal delivery comes into its own! The convenience of freshly prepared meals delivered to your door – and best of all, prepared within minutes – is saving families, couples, and individuals hundreds of hours a year!

Some of our gourmet meal delivery comfort food classics, perfect for winter, include:

Gnocchi with Napoli sauce and baby spinach

Deliciously cooked potato gnocchi with our famous Napoli sauce is a serious crowd favourite.

Chef David has spent most of his career in Italian fine dining establishments, both in Melbourne and abroad, and he has seriously nailed this dish! The kids will love it too. Order now!

Gnocchi gourmet meal delivery

Italian Button mushroom risotto with peas and fresh herbs

The perfect meal for one! 

Alternatively, share with the family as a side dish to compliment your YPC lamb shanks dish. (Mmm… lamb!)

Buy this classic in our I Love Carbs Pack, or on its own with your mix and match variation. 

Mushroom risotto gourmet meal delivery

Croatian beef goulash with potato dumplings

Our head chef’s family recipe will leave you feeling warmed and nourished!

Order beef goulash, just like baba used to make, as part of our Casserole and Curry Pack or in our European Pack.

Alternatively, order on its own with your own mix and match.

Paleo butter chicken with cauliflower rice

This healthier Paleo inspired variation on the traditional heavy classic is both gluten and dairy free… but you would never know it!

Chef David really has created a beautifully balanced dish here. Are you drooling? Find it in the Taste of Asia Pack or on its own with your mix and match variation.

 Paleo butter chicken

Enjoy the best winter meals and comfort foods as part of your gourmet meal delivery order

Place your order by Monday 12pm for a Tuesday afternoon delivery.

Our Gourmet Meal Delivery service occurs every Tuesday between 2pm and 7pm.

Warm up during the chilly months with our favourite winter meals. Place your order online here for fast service Weekly Gourmet Meals!


How to host the perfect high tea

Your Private Chef - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

High tea and all things dainty are still very much in vogue for a feminine inspired afternoon tea, special occasion, or wedding cocktail hour. The best place to start your planning is with the right menu!

We always recommend the right combination of sweet and savoury and advise that guests' invitations are worded to prepare them for a light meal that is more about an eclectic spread of petite delights rather than a lavish feast.

As such we would recommend high tea to be posted after lunch; perfect for many post-wedding ceremonies!

High tea catering

Allow guests to eat with their eyes


Choose fine china, tea cups, saucers, fine silverware, pretty fabric napkins and several interesting vessels to be able to show case your high tea on multiple levels. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and styles. Allow each plate to tell its own story.

Vintage-style cost affordable options can still be found at your local op shop, or buy at auction or even online. And while Royal Dolton is divine, your guests will appreciate the thought that goes into combining your own touch regardless of the designer label under the plate.


Ensure roses and native blooms adorn your table. We love using teacups and teapots as our flower vessels, likewise, lots of lace on the tables. Take a trip to your local fabric store and see what off-cuts you can find. Different lace styles and textures can be teamed together to create interesting eclectic effects.

High tea doesn’t have to be all white and bright either. Black lace and aged rose golds can add a touch of dark charm.


And lastly, ensure your menu is either printed or hand written for your guests to enjoy and eagerly await. A very 2017 trend is to hire a calligraphy expert to hand write for you. We’ve seen these services on gumtree as well as via freelance sites.

 High tea catering Melbourne

Savoury high tea foods

Here is what is featuring on our high tea table this season:

  • Smoked salmon, cucumber & horseradish crème fraiche ribbons on dark rye (nf) (1pp)
  • Free range chicken, chives and lemon thyme fingers (nf) (1pp)
  • Cucumber sandwiches with philly cream cheese, dill and chives (v, nf) (1pp)
  • Smoked salmon, dill crème cheese & baby capers tarts 

Sweet high tea foods

Here are the sweet delights we are featuring now:

  • White chocolate dipped strawberries (v)
  • Assorted cupcakes (v)
  • Date and buttermilk scones, strawberries preserve and clotted cream (v, nf)
  • Lemon meringue tarts (v)
  • Red velvet raspberry macarons (v, gf)
  • Chocolate caramel tarts (v)


High tea drinks

What high tea would be complete without, well tea!

And while Early Grey and English Breakfast plus your favourite oolong will no doubt be on the menu, why not add in some quirky alternatives.

For a warmer weather event, ice things up with our exotic flavours such as Lime & Mint Mojito Iced Tea, Hibiscus Heart Iced Tea w honey (no added sugar) and Lemon & Ginger Iced Te,

And for the colder months, we love a hot apple cider and even a delicious aromatic mulled wine.

How to plan a high tea

Pick a theme for your high tea

Manhattan chic

Black and white chic inspired by Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


French or English countryside, linen napkins, and the right soothing soundtrack. 


Vintage teacups, cake stands, pastels, ribbon sandwiches, lots of lace. Celebrate a special birthday or anniversary (e.g. mum’s 50th) 

Beach style

Slip away to the Hamptons with fresh white and blue décor perfect for a summer’s afternoon. Great for a bridal tea or baby shower.

High tea menu ideas

High tea catering

High tea catering from Your Private Chef is fun, versatile and ready to go now! Order online!


Catering food trends of 2017

Your Private Chef - Thursday, June 15, 2017

If there was ever a trend that was staying put it would have to be the ‘outsource it’ trend. Let’s face it, life is hectic and our rush lifestyle does mean there is less time to do it all yourself.

And why should you when there are great services out there that can lend a hand, from styling and prop hire companies to professional staff who can help with the set up and cleaning process for your party and of course the caterer who can ensure that you enjoy the party just as much as every one else, while wowing your guests.

So now that we all agree catering is definitely not a service just for the top end of town, here are a few trends that we love and that are definitely here to stay (for a while at least).

Donut walls

Take that little ball of dough joy, sprinkle all sorts of glazed colour love and place it on a framed shrine aka ‘wall’ and everyone will literally lose their minds.

The best thing about the Donut wall is how versatile it can be: use it for weddings, kids’ parties, milestone birthdays and even corporate clients who want us to spell out their name in a wall of donuts.

A donut wall not only looks amazing, but it’s a super unique feature at a variety of events.

Catering trends - donut wall

Sliders for canapé hour

Mini brioche, artisan petite coloured beautifies filled with seriously delicious fillings are a crowd favourite and now these mini delights are becoming a very popular option for cocktail hour.

Sliders are great as a pre-dinner treat for weddings or other special occasions. We love styling up our platters to make our trio of burgers really stand out. Check out our new menu:

  • Mini crisp chicken burger on brioche bun with slaw, chipotle mayo.

  • Mini charcoal brioche slider, sumac crusted haloumi, roasted pepper, coriander, chipotle aioli (v) 

  • Mini slider bun with pulled beef brisket cola barbecue sauce & spiced slaw.

Catering trends - sliders

Food stations

We eat with our eyes, so styling a table filled with plentiful delights always gets plenty of crowd WOWs.

We have two kinds, our opulent food station designed to allow your guests to fill their plates for a seated meal, or a variety of specialised grazing stations, from seafood to ploughman’s, Asian and Mediterranean plus many sweet stations too! Insta-worthy all the way!

Food trucks

Food trucks are no longer the dirty stands you used to see on the street corner, but instead they are a perfect way to achieve a variety of food options with a quirky edge for your event.

Food truck culture is super popular at weddings, with some of the world’s best chefs leaving their Michelin star posts to open up their own food trucks.

Did you know Your Private Chef loves working with food trucks at events and we can recommend some great options?

From barista vans to Artisan Nitrate ice cream and even pizza vans for the late night party dwellers, we have some great trucks we love to recommend.


Australia’s love affair with the BBQ isn’t going anywhere, but daggy presentation and boring menu options are dead.

We love flipping BBQ on its head and combining styles such as our Canapé on the Grill menu.

Then there is the beautiful table styling that comes with every BBQ; the epitome of rustic charm to show off the plentiful table spread. Deliciously casual and by far the most popular choice of dining style for the majority of the year, BBQ Catering can be very gourmet indeed.

Share platters

Food connects people.

It is this shared experience that makes us love our food stations as well as our fine dining 3 course menu done in shared platter style.

There is something infinitely binding about connecting with a friend over a platter of food, admiring the presentation, the way the flowers compliment the props and of course their favourite tastes on offer in front of them.

Catering trends - share platters

Upscale comfort food

Comfort food is never leaving us, but it’s now served with a twist: upscale comfort food is ideal for a stand-up grazing event.

Try out some of our new upscale comfort delights, including:

  • Miso eggplant spring rolls
  • Spinach and tofu dumplings with ponzu sauce
  • Our famous Mac & cheese croquettes

Upscale comfort food is simple, classy and yet feels like ‘home’ in each bite.

Food and drink pairing

Our beverage packages have been carefully thought out to match the flavours prevalent in our menus.

Working closely with Victorian wine-makers to source both local wines as well as bottles from Margaret River and McLaren Vale, our unique vintages are designed to blend perfectly with your menu choice.

Bowl foods and tacos

Tacos have now surpassed pizza and pasta as Australians’ favourite menu choice.

Your Private Chef takes taco and tapas style individual bowls and turn them into some seriously sexy grazing items that are easily eaten while standing.

Some of our favourite menu options include:

  • Tacos with black beans, brown rice, salsa & jalapeño or pulled beef, shredded cheddar, jalapeños, smoky salsa

  • Panko chicken, warm spiced slaw, salsa and cheese… mmmm.

  • Salt & pepper squid, lemon pepper chips served in a bamboo boat with dill caper aioli

  • Mini hoki fish burger in a brioche bun, crispy lettuce & house made tartar sauce

Meat techniques

We are seeing a revival of more traditional and rustic styles of cooking, such as the classic spit roast, which we love. We’re also enjoying less common meats occasionally being requested such as Alpaca and Kangaroo.

Our new fine dining menu enjoys rustic cuts of meats such as:

  • Slow-cooked beef cheeks, bordelaise sauce, button mushrooms, smoked gammon, caramelised red onion, pomme purée, croute & truffle oil

  • Sous vide duck breast, chestnut purée; Dutch carrots, caramelised plum, jus (gf)

  • Braised lamb shanks with soft polenta, roasted garlic and cremolta (nf)


Beautiful desserts

Imagine hanging cakes decorated in lush green vines and flower buds, or a grand high tea sweet station with jar cakes, lemon curd meringues and Raspberry and rose water mini éclairs. How about a decadent cheese tower with garnish of native flowers, berries, nuts and rustic props?

We love desserts and paying homage to them with a shrine full of sweets puts a smile on our faces.

 Catering trends - desserts

Zero waste

2017 is all about minimising food waste and packaging waste, which is why we write our menus in such a way to be able to utilise all of our supplies with next to no unnecessary wastage.

We also actively recycle and reuse packaging where it is safe to do so.

We also enjoy working with like-minded suppliers and Victorian small businesses that also do their bit to support local farmers and minimise the carbon footprint of unnecessary transport. One of our increasingly frustrating battles has been around logistics and couriers who won’t help our customers do the right thing and reuse their polystyrene delivery boxes without charging a fortune for the experience.

Rest assured we are close to a solution for this, as we know how much you hate having to throw those boxes into landfill!

 Until that solution is secured, here are a few great ideas for how to reuse those boxes yourself at home; check out this great blog: 7 ways to upcycle your Styrofoam coolers

Gourmet meal delivery

Gourmet meal delivery has soared over the past year or so – it’s replaced unhealthy take-out for all kinds of people – busy parents, young singles, new home leavers, students, elderly, etc.

People want the convenience that fast food offers, but not at the expense of their health. Gourmet delivery is the perfect solution! View our gourmet meal delivery menu here


Why choose a private chef for your next catered event in Melbourne?

Your Private Chef - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Your Private Chef Melbourne

Think a private chef is only for the rich and famous? Think again! Your Private Chef transforms your space with our private catering options.

Catering Deliveries….

Your Private Chef catering Melbourne delivery is a fabulous option for when you need to make an impression but don’t require staff or styling. The options are varied and you can rest assured that the quality and presentation will be phenomenal.

Full event experience…

For those special occasions where you don’t want to worry about a thing, Your Private Chef offers a fully staffed event experience to create a night to remember with all your planning, staffing, equipment and styling taken care of.

Our personal chefs prepare and present fabulous dining options to guests in your own home or venue space.

Organise a night to remember for your upcoming celebration with private catering in Melbourne from Your Private Chef.


Private catering in Melbourne

  • Dinner party at home
  • Baby shower
  • Children’s birthday parties
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Intimate dining for two
  • Bridal shower
  • Birthdays
  • Hens days

Why hire a private chef for your next event?

Choose your perfect menu

Talk to our event coordinators about your favourite foods and the theme of your party and we will help you create your perfect menu.

It all starts with discussing the various dining styles we have available and what will suit your venue space and the personality of your party. Once we have a style chosen then we go through the various menus available, helping you envision the night by creating a suggested menu after our chat that is in line with your budget.

This consultation is best done over the phone and is no extra charge to you. It’s all part of the process we have here at Your Private Chef.

Wine and other beverages

Your Private Chef beverage packages make it so easy for you. Our wine, beer, soft drinks, cocktails and spirit packages are cost effective and well thought out to match our menus.

Alternatively, we can work with your supplied drinks, while our professional bar staff bring all the required equipment to make it easy for you.

No alcohol allowed? No worries, we have amazing ice tea stations as well as full barista set up or more traditional tea and coffee stations available.

You don’t have to lift a finger!

Enjoy your party just as much as your guests will when you hire Your Private Chef for your next event. Be the kind of host that takes care of your guest’s conversations instead of their dishes.

These kind of special occasions don’t come around often enough so let us help you build memories while we take care of the preparation, planning, cooking, serving and of course the clean up!

No stress

Anyone who has ever hosted a dinner party at home can relate to some if not all of the following stages of party stress:

Stage 1: will food be ready in time?

Stage 2: did I forget to buy anything?

Stage 3: will there be enough food?

Stage 4: will everyone be impressed?

Let the Your Private Chef team take care of everything for you, including the all-important planning stage. We pride ourselves on being event specialists, a hub for all things logistics, planning and styling with the vision of making your food the star of the show.

Quality ingredients, innovative menus

From BBQ to canapé, shared platters and fine dining, Your Private chef continually develops menus to impress and nurture its guests. Real food for real people who know what they love, our menus have been designed to keep your guests talking for days!

Always fresh and seasonal, our produce is first class and prepared lovingly by our team of professional chefs.

Enjoy your night just as your guests would!

Hosts never have enough time to spend with their guests. They are always dashing in and out of the kitchen to keep an eye on the cooking process, to serve, and to clear, keeping them away from their guests for a large part of an event.

And just when your work is done and you have a moment to sit with your guests, well they decide its home time! Now how many times has that happened to you? Or perhaps you leave the dishes and clear up until the next day so you can socialise, only to have party regret the next day.

When you choose a Your Private Chef event experience we make sure your event is unforgettable for all the right reasons.


Elevate your next event with a private chef!

We know you love food, or you wouldn’t be reading this. And you may even be known to really impress in the kitchen yourself, but why stress yourself. It’s your special day too.

Let Your Private Chef take your event to the next level with the special experience of having staff take care of everything. Restaurants are great, but hardly new and different.

Choose an exciting and new dining experience by hiring Your Private Chef in Melbourne for your next catered event.

Call us to discuss the next special event coming up on your calendar.


Gourmet meal delivery: goodbye fast food, hello healthy, delicious meals!

Your Private Chef - Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gourmet meal delivery Melbourne

Did you know that the average household spends $104 per week on groceries for a single person and $314 per week for a couple with teenage children? Not to mention the time taken to shop and then there is the preparation, which research suggests sees Australians spending over 6 hours a week on!

Given how busy we all are, how long we work and how much time we spend in traffic, isn’t there a better way to serve a healthy dinner?

Fast food is definitely not the answer, for the hips or the hip pocket.

There is a third option now, Gourmet Meal Delivery by Your Private Chef.

Don’t settle for unhealthy fast food. Choose Your Private Chef to stock your fridge and freezer with very cost effective, chef-created home-style meals. Perfect for taking to work, enjoying with the family or eating alone. With meals starting from $6.96, this service will be the ultimate time-saver without feeling any ‘fast-food guilt’.

A weekly meal plan that fits your lifestyle

Choose a balanced and personalised food program, from one of our many value packs, created to make ordering easy based on your tastes and family size. Or if you prefer, just choose each dish individually, paired with sides and desserts.

12 Meal Value Pack –great variety, great value for only $105

The perfect way to begin your weekly meal delivery services, with a great combination of meat, pasta, rice and veggie classics. 12 meals for only $105.

Meat Lovers Pack – one of our most popular!

For the carnivore-loving foodie, this value pack contain 10 meals for only $105, with beautiful options such as our 2016 Australian Food Awards Gold Medal Winner BBQ grilled Cajun chicken breast, roasted sweet potato mash, and seasoned steamed vegetables.

New Mum’s Pantry – the perfect combination of nurturing meals

12 meals plus 12 lactation cookies for only $120, a wonderful nutrient dense pack ideal for new mums.

The Family Pack - family classics that everyone will love

The perfect family classics pack designed to easily feed mum, dad and the kids with our gourmet meal delights such as lasagne, quiche, soups, pasta and event a crumbed chicken dish.

Bulk serves ensure the whole family can eat in unison!

Order your packs online today!

gourmet meal delivery melbourne

How it works

Order online for fast service

Order as you need to! The fastest and easiest way to order is online via our shopping cart.

Just place your order by 12pm each Monday to ensure you are booked in for our Tuesday delivery service. For all Family Packs, please ensure orders are in by Friday 3pm.

Questions? Feel free to call our office on 03 9018 9321.

Delivery and packaging

Our deliveries take place each Tuesday between 2pm and 7pm.

You can expect your delivery in an insulated white Styrofoam box, designed to keep your meals in their frozen condition for up to 4 hours.

We recommend placing your meals in the freezer as soon as you receive them.

If you plan on being out during your Tuesday afternoon delivery, please ensure your box is safe to leave in front of your door.

Alternatively, arrange for a different address (like work) to accept your meals to ensure they are taken care of in your absence.

Heating and eating

In your delivery slip, you will notice a guide for how to reheat your meals.

Follow the instructions for your dish. If you don’t own a microwave you can definitely do things the old fashioned way (we do!) and defrost slowly in the fridge overnight and use stove top or oven to reheat.

Just remember, your packaging is only microwave-safe (no oven!) and we recommend taking the lid off before you microwave.

Switch fast food for gourmet meal delivery today!

Place your order online today to start receiving delicious, healthy, and easy-to-prepare meals for you and your entire family.

Order now from Your Private Chef!


Packed Lunch

Your Private Chef - Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Maybe you’ve never thought twice about it, but bringing lunch from home can save almost $2000 a year. Eating out during breaks is usually a by-product of our busy schedules. Everyone seems to be running late, with no time to pack or cook the night before. These days, around 82% of Australians are spending their hard earned money on lunch or snacks at work with an average of $18 to $25 per day. 
If you’re going for a fast food option: meals can start at $10 but if you’re sitting down for a meal, add another $10 to that calculation. 
Now you may be thinking that, that isn’t too bad for lunch, but eating out every day can really hit our hip pockets. We all struggle and say that we don’t have time; but there is a simple and cost-effective way to organize your meals for the work week. Ordering your lunches online, in packs, will mean you’re always prepared and will save you money every day. Apart from that, these packs are handmade and not heavily fried or processed. 

Buying meals beforehand avoids all the prep work, cooking and cleaning. Plus there are the added perks of having a variety of quality foods and never having to wait in line at the shops with every other worker on their lunch break. Think of it as your own private catering, and starting at $8 a meal, it’s the type of food catering we can get behind. Rather than buying that tired sandwich from the corner store, tuck into a hearty minestrone or some perfectly grilled chicken with sweet potato mash. 
Lunch should never be boring and sometimes it is the only break we can grab during our busy work day. Unfortunately, not all businesses offer quality office catering so take the time to enjoy a home cooked meal, without the hassle.

Easter Catering

Your Private Chef - Monday, April 03, 2017

Easter will be hopping in soon and the kids will be home for school holidays too. Make sure to plan ahead for your Easter events with family and friends to ensure a stress-free, chocolate-filled weekend. 

When organising your Easter gatherings, try to include some easy DIY’s for the kids to enjoy. The quintessential favourite is usually dying eggs. This year, try natural dyes by using beetroot, spirulina powder or coffee. For a quick example, if you’re using beetroot, roughly chop 1-2 beets, cover with water and bring to the boil. After that, lower the heat to a simmer and cover for 15 minutes. Add a tablespoon of vinegar once the dye has cooled and you can start dyeing your eggs! Or let the little ones run wild by blowing out the egg yolk and white, and painting the eggs with glitter and acrylics. 

Next on the agenda: getting the chocolate eggs ready for the family Easter egg hunt. Check the weather ahead of time to make sure the youngsters find a perfect chocolate egg and not a melted mess! Having an Easter egg hunt is great fun for all the extended family.  

And if you’re having the whole family over, preparing all the Easter food favourites is key. But, while wrangling the children and guests, you can sometimes find yourself at a loss: of both ideas and time! 

Luckily, there are always party catering options waiting for you online. Whether that includes ordering meals ahead of time – getting it delivered the day of the big family gathering – or arranging a family style sumptuous Easter buffet for all to enjoy. Just keep in mind when ordering: Your Private Chef can’t deliver Easter Sunday but will still be doing staffed events. Leave that worry behind and order for delivery on Easter Saturday. Whatever private catering you choose, dress it up! Set up Easter Baskets with the traditional grass or hay and lay the food on a table laden with eggs and chickens.

If you’re looking for an event the whole family can appreciate, the Rippon Lea Easter Egg hunt is held on their magnificent grounds and includes boat rides, outdoor games and chocolate egg prizes. Take everyone for a fun filled day.


Autumn Perfect Picnic

Your Private Chef - Monday, March 27, 2017

Autumn. It’s the perfect time to cozy up with a loved one, a picnic basket – packed to the brim – and the perfect tartan rug. The brisk winter chill hasn’t yet arrived and the days are long with light and warmth. Packing a basket with food and drink can be the easiest way to have some fun! Read on for some tips to organizing the finest autumn picnic.
The first thing to think about when organizing your picnic is location, location, location. In Melbourne, you’re spoilt for choice, as every nook and cranny of the city has a beautiful garden waiting to be discovered. If you are close to the CBD, you can’t pass up Fitzroy Gardens. Impeccably maintained lawns and easy access with public transport, this is the perfect spot for a lunch time picnic. When you’re done, don’t forget to visit the Conservatory. With free entry and new displays every few months, you are bound to find some beauty inside. Or, maybe drinks and a movie are more your style. The Moonlight Cinema is a Melbourne institution and – since it is set in the Royal Botanical Gardens – the perfect spot to pull up a picnic rug and take out a basket laden with goodies. Make sure to pack a bottle of your favourite vintage and class it up with a hand-picked fruit and cheese platter. 

Gathering the right picnic food can be crucial! Keep it simple and stress-free with private catering, like gourmet platters delivered straight to your door. Cold meats and cheeses are the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of red and a film. With autumn’s mild temperatures, cheese will sit happily outside. Just don’t forget your knife and plates (or lose the stress, and order them online). 

To finish off the night, bring a thermos with a steaming brew to warm you up before heading home or if you’ve spent the day lazing around in the sun, pack some hot coffee to perk you back up again! Either way, make sure to enjoy the last of the warm days before winter sets in, with a perfectly packed picnic, full of delicious foods and with excellent company.



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