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Create A Valentine’s Day They Won’t Forget

Your Private Chef - Friday, February 12, 2016

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and is as good a time as any to spoil the person you love with some extra pampering.

Whilst we’re advocates for loving up your special somebody every day of the year, there’s just something about Valentine’s Day that makes it extra romantic.

For us, Valentine’s Day is less about teddy bears holding heart-shaped pillows and much more about quality time. And with quality time there has to be a gorgeous meal to celebrate!

If you’re stuck for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, and the thought of cooking yourself is just too much to bear – we’ve got a solution!

Introducing the True Romantic Menu

Our True Romantic package features three fantastic options for a magical evening. The first includes a personal chef in your home. Yep, seriously. For about three hours you’ll be treated to an amazing three course meal, not to mention tableware, glassware and candles all included. Naturally, we’ll also setup and clean up before we go. Ah-mazing!

If a personal chef is out of your budget, there’s no need to worry, because we’ve got a few other romantic tricks up our sleeve.

Another option is to have a three course dinner delivered to your door – either hot and plated or cold and ready for reheating.

The hot option will work if you can perfectly coordinate your meal time, otherwise we recommend the cold option for a more relaxed and spontaneous feast. 

And don’t worry; if you want to play chef for the evening, we’ll totally let you take the credit for the food. Our lips are sealed!

But what if you want to take your date on location?

We can help you out there as well. Whether you’re thinking beach, park, mountain side, rooftop or to the moon and back – we’ve got a beautiful range of
gourmet platter packages you can take along with you.

These include hot platters, fresh salads, cheeses and cold antipasto.

The True Meaning Of Valentine’s Day

Historically, Valentine’s Day is somewhat of a mystery, with roots in both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. The story usually centres on Saint Valentine of Rome who, during his imprisonment, healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius and signed a letter ‘Your Valentine’ to her as a farewell before being executed.

Today, these legends are scarcely associated with the day of love – but if there’s one goal to aspire to, we think it should be reminding your special somebody just how special they are.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


P.S - For more information on the True Romantic package, click here or contact us to find out more.




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