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May 2019

EOFY Means One Thing: Time To Party!

The end of the financial year means different things to different people. For some, it represents a mad dash to June 30th to have all their work complete and ready for submission. Some await the end of the commercial year.. read more

Grazing Table

Trending: The Grazing Table

Grazing tables have hit Melbourne’s culinary scene with a bang, and show no signs of slowing down. A grazing table is just like a cheese and charcuterie board, except much, much bigger. The greater the occasion, the more opulent the.. read more

September 2018
Halloween party. Three girls in costumes for a party for Halloween posing with glasses of champagne in their hands. They clink glasses

Halloween isn’t just for kids any more! Spooky Halloween catering and party planning

Despite the backlash from some, more and more Aussies are marking Halloween on their calendar every year. It’s not too hard to imagine why: sweets, costumes… what’s not to love? We’ll let you in on a secret, though: there’s no.. read more

August 2018

Footy food: what are your options for grand final catering?

If you ask us, it’s never too early to start thinking about Grand Final catering. With finals set to start in the coming days and the Grand Final happening in about a month (Saturday, 29th September), you don’t want to.. read more

Make winter all about food and beat the cold with gourmet catering Melbourne-style!

Why is vegetarian catering keeping us on our toes this winter? Hosting a gourmet catering Melbourne-style dinner party is a great way to get everyone together to celebrate the winter season. It may be cold outside…but we’ve got a sure-fire.. read more

Reading caterer reviews? 3 must-know event catering “green flags” to watch out for!

Looking for an event caterer in Melbourne to help out with your upcoming celebration? A lot of decisions can make your event unforgettable. If you want yours to be remembered for the right reasons, you’ll need a professional caterer on.. read more

Our 4-step guide to choosing the right beverage for your event

A good meal is incomplete without a good drink to go with it. Wine, beer, non-alcoholic… choosing an appropriate drink menu enhances any and all types of events! But of course, you’re not here to listen to us wax poetic.. read more

July 2018

Make weekly food delivery part of your busy lifestyle: 5 tips for a better diet

A busy lifestyle shouldn’t mean compromising on healthy living! Along with keeping fit and working out regularly (or so you try!) eating well must remain at the top of your priority list. It’s a simply incredible habit to start making,.. read more

Corporate catering: why companies are starting to offer lunch (and why you should too!)

They say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. However, many companies are breaking with this wisdom and offering their employees corporate catering on a regular basis. Why is this trend starting to take off among businesses in.. read more

Celebrate Christmas in July with Your Private Chef

It’s hard to believe it’s July already – it seems like only yesterday we were talking about Christmas, summer holidays, and our resolutions. Before you know it, we’ll probably be talking about Christmas again. And if you’re celebrating Christmas in.. read more

June 2018

Professional wedding catering: ditch the DIY and leave it to the pros!

Picture it: You’ve spent months planning the perfect wedding. You’ve got the dress, suits, venue, photographer, music, and guest list sorted. It’s looking like everything is going to go perfectly. And of course, you can’t forget the food. While you.. read more

Who said home weddings were low-key? World-class wedding catering comes to you with Your Private Chef!

A wedding venue is one of the very first things that couples usually decide early on once the wedding planning starts. In fact, the date will usually revolve around available slots at your dream venue! There are countless venues to.. read more

Banquet dining isn’t just for the super-rich any more!

What do you think of when you hear the word “banquet”? If you’re like most people, it probably conjures up images of massive tables filled with exotic, decadent, masterfully-prepared food. And for the people who indulge in banquet dining, you.. read more

Enjoy a French feast with Bastille Day catering, courtesy of Your Private Chef!

Bastille Day is one of the most important dates in the French calendar, and is usually accompanied by parades, parties and of course, food. There are even celebrations going on right here in Melbourne! While local festivities mightn’t hold a.. read more

May 2018

5 tips to elevate event catering with fabulous food stations

Gone are the days when buffets and plated meals were the only options for styling food during birthdays, weddings, and other kinds of celebrations. Nowadays, people are beginning to understand that presentation matters as well. (It has to be Insta-worthy,.. read more

Morning and afternoon tea catering for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea!

Who doesn’t love a mug of steamy hot tea on a cold winter morning? The morning cuppa is a bona-fide Aussie tradition, whether it’s at the morning tea break at work or a fresh pot of Earl Grey to kick.. read more

Why choose a winter wedding: a wedding caterer’s opinion

They say summer is wedding season. Of course, whoever came up with that probably never sweltered through an Aussie summer! It should come as no surprise that spring is the most popular wedding season down under, with a whopping 37% of.. read more

April 2018

Our Melbourne caterers explain how to make the most out of your tasting session

Planning a birthday party? A wedding reception? A corporate event like a product launch? As the event organiser, a lot rides on your shoulders. It’s only natural to want everything to be perfect, from the atmosphere down to how the.. read more

Plan the ultimate kid’s birthday party with Your Private Chef

“But we only want what’s best for you…” It’s one of those lines we’ve all heard at least once coming from our parents when we were growing up. While we may have thrown a tantrum when mum and dad refused.. read more

March 2018

Tea time! 3 unique ideas to make your high tea stand out from the crowd

The phrase “high tea” evokes a certain image of sophistication, class and refinement you don’t normally see anymore. Fine china, silver cutlery, lace tablecloths – it’s exactly these things that make high tea such alluring ideas for birthdays, special announcements,.. read more

How Your Private Chef can provide complete event planning for your wedding!

It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and while that may be true, there’s often a different story when it comes to the lead-up! Planning a wedding can be challenging – especially when you try to do.. read more

February 2018

Head over heels! Look out for these wedding trends in 2018

Trends come and go – and the wedding industry certainly isn’t immune to them. As professional caterers, we’ve worked on a lot of weddings, and we’ve seen some tasteful and clever ideas that look like they’re picking up steam this.. read more

Unique Valentine’s ideas and gifts (that you can enjoy, too!)

There are only two golden rules of a winning (and non-cheesy) Valentine’s Day gift: personalisation and thoughtfulness. This Valentine’s Day, step away from the giant teddy bear and ostentatious candy hearts; instead, go personal. Choose a gift from the heart,.. read more

January 2018

Treat your team and refuel the office with Your Private Chef’s corporate lunch catering!

As the new year kicks in, resolutions are made and commitments are renewed. And perhaps one of the most popular New Year’s resolution is getting healthy. When we talk about getting healthy, we don’t just mean working out, and we’d.. read more

Explore unique wedding catering with Your Private Chef!

In Australia, an average of 326 weddings are held every day. With this, it’s no surprise that the wedding industry is constantly on the rise! On wedding days, one of the busiest teams involved is the catering team: it takes a village to.. read more

Healthy food delivery you’ll actually want to eat!

No-one likes finding themselves the victim of false advertising. Whether it’s buying an item of clothing online only to find out it looks nothing like the picture, to buying something from one of those embarrassingly bad TV infomercials, many of.. read more

December 2017

Everything you must ask your corporate caterer

Whether it’s a retirement party, a promotion, a birthday or the annual end-of-year celebration, a lot of planning goes into getting everything at your company event right. Good food is crucial to the success of any event, and if you want.. read more

First day in the new office!

Your Private Chef enjoys its first few weeks in our new office in Elsternwick! An (almost) new year called for a new office for the Your Private Chef team! We are excited to share that we have moved from a.. read more

In need of last-minute Christmas catering? Call Your Private Chef now!

What does your Christmas routine look like this year? If it’s anything like ours, it probably involves a lot of running around the kitchen, frantic schedules and last-minute shopping trips. Even people who aren’t professional caterers will be intimately familiar.. read more

Need last minute wedding catering? Say “I Do” to Your Private Chef!

Your wedding is one of the most momentous and memorable events in your life. So every detail needs to be absolutely perfect. No doubt you’ll have been running yourself ragged in the lead-up to your big day, organising a venue,.. read more

November 2017

Make your company event one to remember with our corporate catering menu!

Birthdays, promotions, retirements, Christmas, closing an especially tough deal… make no mistake, the company calendar is filled to the brim with exciting and different events throughout the entire year. Naturally, when any of these things occur you’ll want to throw.. read more

Let’s have a chef-to-chef: some advice from your Private Chef to make Christmas easier

Does a cold sweat break out at the thought of picking a menu and organising everything come Christmas Day? Are you dreading the prospect of preparing your family’s planned Christmas feast? Trust us, we know exactly how you feel! Fortunately,.. read more

Stuck for ideas? 5 unique ideas for your office Christmas party!

The end of 2017 is fast approaching. And who can wait? Most of us have probably already begun thinking about how we’ll unwind, take time off and what we’re going to do with our friends and family. Unless you’re the.. read more

Christmas party food to turn your office Christmas party from dull to fun!

“Well, at least the food was good…” How often have you heard that muttered, or even said it yourself after coming back from a dull conference or company event? At Your Private Chef we’re big believers in the idea that good food can.. read more

Is weekly food delivery really worth it?

While we usually think of summer as a time to unwind, relax and take some time off work over the Silly Season. In reality, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Summertime can be a very busy time of.. read more

October 2017

Christmas catering menus that promise a memorable feast

Doesn’t time just fly by? Yes, it’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking of gift ideas, setting up decorations, and planning New Year’s resolutions (even if you know you’ll break them!) because Christmas is fast approaching. What.. read more

Off and racing: Spring Racing catering

The Spring Racing Carnival is part of Melbourne’s DNA – it’s hard to imagine the city without this iconic event! Such a glamourous event requires – nay (neigh!), deserves – quality food to match. So if you’re planning a special.. read more

September 2017

Magical seasonal menus: choose catering for every season!

We’ve never been the kind to skip an event just because of the time of year – we’re up for catering, celebrating, eating and drinking no matter what day of the week, week of the month, or month of the.. read more

Planning school catering? Important information for schools

We’re just going to put it out there: kids are picky eaters! They’ll fuss and fight, and throw and kick, just to avoid eating that one piece of broccoli, or even worse, Brussels sprouts. So wouldn’t it be a literal.. read more

August 2017

How to choose the right caterer

Whether it’s a decadent dinner party at home for your closest friends, a last-minute corporate event, or a lavish wedding for hundreds, one of the first elements you start thinking about is food. Catering is a core part of any event, and choosing a caterer.. read more

Winter party catering ideas from Your Private Chef

August is party time in our home, with four birthdays to celebrate. It’s a tough time of year for many of us, with the grind of work and short daylight wearing us down, coupled with feeling run down by the.. read more

Warm up this winter with our vegetarian meal delivery

Weekly gourmet meal deliveries are a wonderful way to start off the week on a healthy high note, ensuring you maximise your days with more leisure and less shopping, prepping and cooking. Read up on why this service is fast.. read more

Awaiting baby’s debut: baby shower food ideas

A new baby is such an exciting time in one’s life. While nerve-wracking for the parents (especially if it is baby number one!), it is also a time where friends and family will spoil parents-to-be and help them get prepared.. read more

July 2017

Give the gift of food! Gourmet meal delivery vouchers

Your Private Chef – Monday, July 17, 2017 Looking for something different to give as a gift to your loved ones? Surprise and delight them with a gourmet meal delivery voucher from Your Private Chef. Our flexible weekly menus cater.. read more

June 2017

Buffet vs. three-course dining: which should you choose?

When it comes to catered events, one of the earliest choices you have to make is whether you want an event that provides sit-down, course dining or the more casual buffet-style dining. We dissect both below, helping you to decide.. read more

The heartiest winter dishes from our gourmet meal delivery menu

Winter certainly brings out the inner bear in us, as we want to stay home more to warm up the body and soul with comfort foods and warming meals like soups and casseroles. We crave nutrient dense and heavier meals.. read more

How to host the perfect high tea

High tea and all things dainty are still very much in vogue for a feminine inspired afternoon tea, special occasion, or wedding cocktail hour. The best place to start your planning is with the right menu! We always recommend the.. read more

Catering food trends of 2017

If there was ever a trend that was staying put it would have to be the ‘outsource it’ trend. Let’s face it, life is hectic and our rush lifestyle does mean there is less time to do it all yourself… read more

May 2017

Why choose a private chef for your next catered event in Melbourne?

Think a private chef is only for the rich and famous? Think again! Your Private Chef transforms your space with our private catering options. Catering Deliveries…. Your Private Chef catering Melbourne delivery is a fabulous option for when you need.. read more

Gourmet meal delivery: goodbye fast food, hello healthy, delicious meals!

Did you know that the average household spends $104 per week on groceries for a single person and $314 per week for a couple with teenage children? Not to mention the time taken to shop and then there is the.. read more

April 2017
Catering services Melbourne

Packed Lunch

Maybe you’ve never thought twice about it, but bringing lunch from home can save almost $2000 a year. Eating out during breaks is usually a by-product of our busy schedules. Everyone seems to be running late, with no time to.. read more

Easter Catering

Easter will be hopping in soon and the kids will be home for school holidays too. Make sure to plan ahead for your Easter events with family and friends to ensure a stress-free, chocolate-filled weekend. When organising your Easter gatherings,.. read more

March 2017

Autumn Perfect Picnic

Autumn. It’s the perfect time to cozy up with a loved one, a picnic basket – packed to the brim – and the perfect tartan rug. The brisk winter chill hasn’t yet arrived and the days are long with light.. read more

5 Reasons to Love an Autumn Wedding

  The décor: Use the change of the seasons around you as your colour palette and create a theme rich in burnt oranges, subtle browns and light greens. For a bespoke way to dress up your aisle, think pumpkins! Big.. read more

Going away for a long weekend? We can take care of the catering so you have tasty food wherever you go.

It has been said that an army marches on its stomach. Even if you’re not a military sort of person, it’s important to be well-provisioned if you’re travelling anywhere. There’s nothing that can make people grouchy and fed-up on holiday.. read more

January 2017

Healthy food delivery you’ll actually want to eat!

No-one likes finding themselves the victim of false advertising. Whether it’s buying an item of clothing online only to find out it looks nothing like the picture, to buying something from one of those embarrassingly bad TV infomercials, many of.. read more

October 2016

Ready for Melbourne Cup Day celebrations? Tick off our checklist first!

They don’t call it the race that stops a nation for nothing. The Melbourne Cup frequently boasts more twists and turns than a soap opera, what with its AU$3M prize money, last year’s surprise female winner and riders from all.. read more

Ready for Melbourne Cup Day celebrations? Tick off our checklist first!

They don’t call it the race that stops a nation for nothing. The Melbourne Cup frequently boasts more twists and turns than a soap opera, what with its AU$3M prize money, last year’s surprise female winner and riders from all.. read more

Banish the Barbie this Christmas – Book Your Private Chef for any Festive occasion!

Aah, Christmas in Australia. It’s a time where the scent of sunscreen and the sound of cicadas fill the air. For balmy evenings playing cricket or hours spent sizzling at the beach. For exchanging gifts and spending time with loved.. read more

September 2016

How to host a grand footie final BBQ with Your Private Chef

It’s one of the biggest days in the nation’s sporting calendar and what better way to watch the AFL Grand Final than with your best mates and your favourite foods. Now here are the rules of play for any grand final.. read more

August 2016

Catering For Spring Racing

Spring racing is a spectacular time of the year in Melbourne, which calls for equally dazzling catering for all the parties and events that fall within the season. Vibrant colour, stunning fashion and flowing champagne are just some of the.. read more

How To Spoil Dad On Father’s Day

The first Sunday of September is fast approaching and just in case you didn’t realise, that’s Father’s Day! For many of us, dad is a pretty important part of our life – a pillar of strength, a well of wisdom.. read more

July 2016

How Healthy Office Catering Makes Happier Employees

There are plenty of companies which provide office catering in Melbourne, but far less that give you healthy food options. Yet, there are so many reasons to serve up fresh, wholesome food to staff, as opposed to options that are.. read more

How Healthy Office Catering Makes Happier Employees

There are plenty of companies which provide office catering in Melbourne, but far less that give you healthy food options. Yet, there are so many reasons to serve up fresh, wholesome food to staff, as opposed to options that are deep.. read more

June 2016

Catering For Christmas In July

It’s a strange phenomenon that many Australians seem to share… Even though we’ve experienced summer Christmases for most (if not all) our lives, when we close our eyes and imagine Christmas what often comes to mind is snow. Maybe it’s.. read more

How To Throw A Perfect Product Launch Party

Launching a new product is a big deal for a lot of businesses. By the time the new product or service is ready, endless hours of research and development have been put in, and most of the time customers are.. read more

Vendor Wise: YPC features on Polka Dot Bride

Leading wedding blog, Polka Dot Bride, has featured Your Private Chef as its Expert Interview in their Vendor Spotlight: Expert Interview with David and Ana Kolembus of Your Private Chef Catering & Events  Please tell us a little about David’s.. read more

Home Delivered Meals – Right In Time For Winter

Ready or not, winter is here. It’s the season for hot cups of tea, DVD marathons, puffy jackets and cold, cold nights. For many of us, it’s also the season we most dread being in the kitchen. Especially after a.. read more

May 2016

Catering For Winter Weddings: What You Need To Know

When we dream about our ideal wedding day, a lot of us picture the weather to be ‘just perfect’ – meaning not a cloud in the sky, a full sun, not too hot and not too cold. Of course, only.. read more

Corporate Team Building… With Food!

‘Corporate team building’ is a term that conjures up mixed feelings. On the one hand, team building events can provide a fun, challenging and memorable day that genuinely brings teams closer together. On the other hand, they can be notoriously.. read more

April 2016

How To Style An Event

Event styling is just as important to your next party, corporate event, wedding (or any other shindig) as booking the venue and getting the best caterers in Melbourne. In fact, you should be thinking about event styling long before anything.. read more

Catering For Public Holidays – Gourmet Meals To Go!

Don’t you love that feeling when you realise a public holiday is approaching? It’s especially delightful when it takes you completely by surprise! If you’re amongst the lucky ones who gets a day off, chances are you’ll use the next.. read more

March 2016

Easter Catering And Hot Tips For An Eggcellent Day!

Easter catering is a fantastic idea whether you’re celebrating with family at home or taking off to enjoy a break from the fast lane of life. We don’t know about you, but Easter feels like it’s rolling around quicker and.. read more

Introducing Our New Liquor Catering – Including Perfect Packages & Secret Cocktail Recipes

Drinks go hand-in-hand with gourmet catering like Batman and Robin, burgers and fries or thunder and lightning. They’re just meant to be. From cold beers, to red wine, sophisticated cocktails and fruity mixers – the drinks you choose at your.. read more

February 2016

Wedding Disasters And One Fabulous Solution

Weddings are simultaneously the most joyous, but also most stressful time for many happy couples. Choosing venues, dresses, transport, coordinating invitations and ceremonies – the list seems endless! By the end of the day, it’s hoped that your wedding is.. read more

Create A Valentine’s Day They Won’t Forget

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and is as good a time as any to spoil the person you love with some extra pampering. Whilst we’re advocates for loving up your special somebody every day of the year, there’s just something.. read more

January 2016

How Your Skinny Chef Can Help You Realise Your Weight Loss Goals

January is almost over, we can’t believe it either. Hands up if at the start of the year you promised yourself to get healthier in 2016, including improved fitness, more energy and shedding some extra weight? Now keep your hand.. read more

Australia Day And The Great Aussie Picnic

We love Australia Day! There’s just something about January 26 that makes you feel a part of something – in fact, we can’t think of a better time to come together with friends and family to salute our big, ol’.. read more

December 2015

What Christmas Means To Us…

Here at Your Private Chef, Christmas is well and truly cooking! All of our team, no matter their age or beliefs, has that little twinkle in their eye (not to mention sweat on their brow) as we work through one.. read more

Home Delivered Meals Provide Delicious Food And A Clean Kitchen!

Home delivered meals are becoming just as popular in Australia as looking for that unpronounceable ingredient we saw on Master Chef. That’s right, despite the enormous cooking culture being fed to us on commercial telly; the simple fact is that.. read more

November 2015

We Need To Talk About Christmas – Your Ultimate Checklist For The Month Ahead

There’s no way to sugar coat this – Christmas is coming soon, like, real soon. And that’s exciting! But, for many of us, it also sends a shiver down our spines. How on earth will we manage everything we need.. read more

How To Pull Off The Perfect Corporate Event

Think back to all the corporate events you’ve ever attended – from office parties, to training conferences. We bet the ones you rate the best boil down to a few simple factors: food, venue and entertainment. And okay, there may.. read more

March 2015

Masterchef BBQ Cook-Off for Team Building

How to turn up the heat on corporate team building with a Masterchef BBQ If you’re in the corporate world, chances are you’ve been to your fair share of corporate team building events. So how do you make yours stand.. read more

November 2014

Are you making these 5 mistakes with your corporate catering?

With Christmas just a hop, skip and reindeer away, the corporate party season is in full swing. Here, we reveal five mistakes to avoid when planning your corporate catering. When it comes to a client lunch or a corporate Christmas.. read more

October 2014

10 Delicious Canapes for Wedding Catering

Taste of Melbourne is back! This November, foodies everywhere will come together for the ultimate gastronomical day out. Four days of tasting and sampling food from the best restaurants Melbourne has to offer in the stunning garden party setting of.. read more

March 2014

Revealed: 3 themed events that will never go out of fashion

Themed events are taking Melbourne by storm. Last year it was 1920s style events inspired by the lavishness of The Great Gatsby. Before that, it was all about the side-slicked hair of Mad Men. What will it be in 2014,.. read more

How to set the perfect dinner table (it’s not as hard as you think!)

It’s the day of your dinner party. The food is organised, the iPod is loaded with all your favourite chill-out tunes, and you’ve worked out who’s sitting where. The only thing left to do is set the table. Wait, which.. read more

Vegetarian Catering Melbourne

Remember the days when ordering a vegetarian meal meant you’d be served a sad pile of wilting vegetables? At events, vegetarian guests could look forward to little more than a pitiful plate of cucumber sandwiches. Thankfully, those days are gone… read more

February 2014
Classic Drinks Package

Melbourne food and wine festival 2014

Can you hear the cheers from Melbourne food and wine lovers? The event we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014. Every year the Festival reminds us of the role Australia’s great.. read more

December 2013

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution you’ll want to keep

Have you ever noticed how throwing out the last bag of empty bottles and food cartons is always the moment when reality hits? The holidays are over. You had weeks filled with delicious food and drinks. Maybe you over indulged.. read more

November 2013

Corporate Catering Melbourne

Last month, we shared the 5 corporate Christmas parties you want to avoid (you can tell us how you got on in the comments!). So this month, we want to use the wisdom of many years’ experience to help you.. read more

Hens Party Catering in Melbourne

It’s the event that celebrates your last moments of single life… The one event where you can completely let your hair down… And the one night your best girlfriends are secretly looking forward to the most… Your hens night party!.. read more

Christmas parties

A Very Merry Christmas Menu

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry. You’d better not pout, I’m telling you why…we’ve launched Your Private Chef’s Christmas Menu! That’s right folks, over the past months we have being cooking and tweaking and testing and tasting (and.. read more

Wedding Catering Melbourne

Admit it – how many times have you been to a wedding and complained about the food to your plus one? Now how many times have you walked away raving about the buffet? Choosing your wedding catering is one of.. read more

October 2013

Melbourne Cup Catering

It’s the first Tuesday of November. The clock is about to strike three. The room is hushed. Every guest is clutching a betting slip in one hand and a glass of bubbles in the other. Fascinators are quivering with excitement… read more

5 Corporate Christmas parties you really want to avoid

It’s corporate Christmas party time, and you know what that means – excessive drinking, awkward moments on the dance floor, complaints from the boss, awkward moments off the dance floor, a budget that’s gone out of control and a list.. read more

Barbeque Catering for Outdoor Occasions

Snags, burgers, prawns. Snags, burgers, prawns. Snags, burgers, prawns. It doesn’t matter how many barbecues you go to this summer, we bet you see the same tried and tested recipes time and time again. Why? Because in Australia, that’s what.. read more

Christmas Catering Melbourne, the Holiday Favourites

While you might not be dreaming of a white Christmas, chances are you’re dreaming of a stress-free one. That’s why when it comes to Christmas catering Melbourne families are calling in the chefs to helpthem get it right. After all,.. read more

September 2013

Recipe of the Month: Minestrone with Rosemary Chicken Meatballs

Technically, we have left soup weather, but I can’t resist this gorgeous dish, which is really more of a cross between a soup and stew anyway. I remember being in Italy years ago and digging into a steaming bowl of.. read more

Sime Restaurant Review

The Croatians like to grill and they’re good at it. In fact, if Pizzeria šime is anything to go by, they can give Australians a run for their money. There, we’ve said it. A stone’s throw from the historic town.. read more

Melbourne’s First Night Noodle Markets

Air filled with spice and steam. Sizzling noodles, or is that stir fry? Dumplings with more fillings than you can shake a chopstick at. Rice paper rolls rolled with precision. Live music draws a crowd, but it’s the food people.. read more

Melbourne Food Festivals

https://www.visitmelbourne.com/food-and-wine Arriving back in Melbourne recently, it occurred to us the airport sign should be changed. It should read: “Welcome to Melbourne. Where the hunt for the best burger can lead to an unmarked door in a hidden laneway. Where.. read more

Coda Restaurant Review

August 2013

Recipe of the Month: Škampina Buzaru (Scampi in garlic, tomato and white wine sugo)

If there is one country that can rival Australia’s exceptional seafood, it’s Croatia. Scooped up out of the glistening Mediterranean, Croatia’s fish and shellfish are a taste sensation. Don’t believe us? Try Škampina Buzaru. This traditional fisherman’s recipe from the.. read more

Easy Canapé Recipe by Your Private Chef Melbourne

Mouth-watering Canapés Whoever said ‘the best things come in small packages’ must have been talking about canapés. These one-bite wonder shave risen through the culinary ranks and now have the power to make or break any party. With canapés catering.. read more

Private Chef ‘s Gourmet Food Delivery

Fresh gourmet food delivered at your door step Rack of lamb with herb mustard crust, goat’s cheese ravioli, pan-fried whiting with curry spiced cauliflower. It reads like the menu of a Michelin-star restaurant, but today these are the kinds of.. read more

Langham Lunch Buffet

This month we indulged in a family mid-week break to a place whispered to be Australia’s food capital. Yep, you’ve guessed it – Melbourne. Okay, we only live 4km away from the city, but oh how we ate! What we.. read more

July 2013

Recipe of the Month: Winter Apple Crisp

Raw food movement – what’s it about and why it’s beneficial

Topic: Health and environment benefits of eating within the season (Winter)

Personal chef movement hits Australia – a cheaper alternative to takeaway.

How a private chef can save you time and money Work is crazy, you haven’t had time to do the shopping, and quite frankly the thought of preparing a healthy meal for you and the family makes every part of.. read more

June 2013

Make winter all about food and beat the cold with gourmet catering Melbourne-style!

Why is vegetarian catering keeping us on our toes this winter? Hosting a gourmet catering Melbourne-style dinner party is a great way to get everyone together to celebrate the winter season. It may be cold outside…but we’ve got a sure-fire.. read more