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5 Reasons to Love an Autumn Wedding


    1. The décor: Use the change of the seasons around you as your colour palette and create a theme rich in burnt oranges, subtle browns and light greens. For a bespoke way to dress up your aisle, think pumpkins! Big or small and in a variety of colours, autumn is the time for pumpkins. They’re inexpensive but can make a wonderfully unique runway.


    1. The photo ops: Nature can be your best inspiration. Forget about tossing rice over the bride and groom and try a handful of autumnal leaves. It will create an amazing photo backdrop when floating through the air.


    1. The weather: The winter chill is not yet upon you and the summer heat is long gone. Autumn weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Help your guests cozy up with blankets and set some cushions and couches on the grass for a more relaxed atmosphere. Pair this with some warm, comfort cuisine: think casual sliders that allow guests to mingle and enjoy at the same time.


    1. The foliage: Flower crowns were made for Autumn Weddings and are a trend that isn’t fading any time soon. Add a little boho to your chic with oak leaves and even make your boutonnieres with oak leaves and acorns for that perfect hint of Autumn. Soft greens from native flora goes well with light creams and a pop of bold orange or red.


  1. The food: Autumn is the time for long, leisurely dinners before that final drink to salute the bride and groom. Think spiced, homespun food like bite-sized appetisers with bold flavours. When planning your wedding catering, try something a little ‘homey’ that will add to the private setting.