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Here’s a New Year’s Resolution you’ll want to keep

Have you ever noticed how throwing out the last bag of empty bottles and food cartons is always the moment when reality hits? The holidays are over. You had weeks filled with delicious food and drinks. Maybe you over indulged a little…okay, maybe a lot.

In a flash, you rush back indoors to clean out the cupboards in preparation for yet another January of dry crackers,and scribble down your New Year’s resolution –“Lose weight”.

Lucky for you, Your Private Chef is here to help. We say it’s time to ditch the weight-loss resolution in favour of something more attainable. Don’t fret, you’ll still be improving your health, but you’ll be doing it in a way that is sustainable and fun. Yes, fun.

Here are Your Private Chef’s 4 secrets to living a healthy, happy 2014

1. Don’t eat less, eat better

Starving your body is never a sustainable solution. Your body needs fuel, so don’t eat less food – eat better food. Fuel your body with nutritious, fresh and flavourful food. Eating healthy does not need to be boring. At Your Private Chef we create some of the most mouth-watering nutritious meals and deliver them to your door. Have you tasted our vegetable paella? Pan seared Barramundi fillet with potato gratin, spice roasted pumpkin, carrot and parsnip? Seriously – you won’t want to eat less when you taste truly good food.

2. Choose seasonal food

Eating food that’s in season not only does wonders for your health, it’s better for your bank balance too. Seasonal produce is full of nutrients and vitamins that start diminishing as soon as the product is picked. And because it’s plentiful when it’s in season, you’ll also find its cheaper.Food that’s healthier and better for your bank balance? That’s two resolutions in one. Want to know more about the health benefits of eating in season? Check out our blog post.

3. Make time to indulge

Everything in balance and moderation, we say. So amidst any healthy eating regime, there have to be a few moments of indulgence thrown in. If you need any help indulging, just give us a call…

4. Slow down

Eating on the run, at your desk or in front of the TV is a sure-fire way to create a bad relationship with food. Make an effort to slow down a mealtimes. Share more meals with family members on a regular basis. Savour every bite and for everyone’s sake – put the phone away. If you’re planning a dinner party or BBQ, why not hire your very own private chef so you can enjoy the food and mingle with your guests rather than rush back and forth from kitchen to table.

Finally, we wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your support over the past year. Here’s to another year full of amazing eating experiences, memorable events and fabulous people! Happy Holidays!