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Australia Day And The Great Aussie Picnic

We love Australia Day!

There’s just something about January 26 that makes you feel a part of something – in fact, we can’t think of a better time to come together with friends and family to salute our big, ol’ island.

And of course what better way to do that than with a picnic and BBQ?

So in recognition of Australia Day, here are our top tips for taking your party on location. Whether it’s on Jan 26 (or any other sunny afternoon), we’re spoilt for choice with beaches and parks that are perfect for a family picnic. Use these tips and ideas to make it unforgettable:

1. Check The Weather And Have A Back Up

Obvious we know, but not to be overlooked! Considering Melbourne’s crazy climate, best that you double check the forecast on the day you’re leaving so that you can be as prepared as possible. And don’t forget to always have a Plan B

in case of extreme heat or wet conditions.
2. Slip Slop Slap

The Aussie sun can have quite a bite to it, so don’t forget sunscreen, hats and sunnies. If your destination won’t have a lot of shade, consider packing an umbrella or a tent too. This will help you to avoid burning (as well as for catering staff if you’ve got them) and you’ll have somewhere cool and secure to put your food and drinks.

3.Consider Catering

We’re a little biased, but for us, food is the centre point of any good picnic. However, not all meals were made to travel, so choosing the right things to bring is important! To save time and heartache, consider ordering gourmet platters from us for your day away. From delicious cold meats and cheeses, to salads, fruits and hot foods we’ve got a mouth-watering range of delicious picnic foods to pick from. Best of all, with enough notice we can deliver them straight to your door before you go.

4. Coins For The BBQ Or Hire One Yourself

Dreaming of a BBQ? First, make sure the park you’re going to has BBQ facilities and then don’t forget to bring loose change to get them going. Or even better, simply hire a BBQ and gas bottle from Your Private Chef, rather than worrying about queuing up and cleaning the public ones at the park.

5. (Pack) Ice Ice Baby

An esky and a bag of ice are picnic essentials for keeping your food fresh and your drinks cool – don’t leave home without them. And don’t forget to pre-chill your drinks the day before you arrive so that they stay cool all day in the esky.

6. Tablecloth, picnic rug, bottle opener

These easy-to-forget items are also very much appreciated when they’re brought along to your outside adventure. Tablecloths help maintain the hygiene of your picnic table, picnic rugs provide the perfect opportunity to nap after you’ve eaten too much and bottle openers… well, need we say more?

Note: If you’re after a more formal park setting, you can hire tableware and picnic furniture from us!

7. Get A Permit

Having a big gathering? Make sure to check that your council doesn’t require a permit or a booking of space. Many councils require both for parties of 50 people or more and when a structure like a marquee is going to be used. So, if you’re having an extra big shindig, it pays to check first.

8. Fun and Games

Perhaps the greatest joy of Aussie picnics are the epic games that test your knowledge, sporting prowess and push family ties to the limit. We’re talking of course about classics like beach cricket, cards, bocce or even charades. Whatever you do, make it fun and make sure you capture it on camera!

So on behalf of the Your Private Chef team – happy picnicking!