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Banish the Barbie this Christmas – Book Your Private Chef for any Festive occasion!

Aah, Christmas in Australia. It’s a time where the scent of sunscreen and the sound of cicadas fill the air. For balmy evenings playing cricket or hours spent sizzling at the beach. For exchanging gifts and spending time with loved ones.

And of course, there’s the food.

There’s no greater institution than the Summer Barbie. But why would you want to spend hours defending your meat, fending off insects and getting sunburnt when someone else can do it for you?

Your Private Chef wants to make you an irresistible offer this Christmas – the chance to escape the kitchen and hours of washing up with a full course, catered Christmas feast – from starters to dessert. With a variety of festive meals that combine traditional and modern tastes, you’ll be able to serve the biggest family gathering a meal not even your Mother-in-Law will find something to complain about.

And while we can’t help you fend off that irritating aunt with her gossip about your relatives or your Gran asking why she hasn’t seen you in church lately, we can make sure everyone’s mouth is too full with scrumptious cooking to make a peep!

We’ve got all the traditional Christmas fare covered with roasted turkey, ham, pork belly or fillet, fresh salads and creamy sauces as well as delectably done veggies even the kids will gobble up. Then there’s our seafood platter loaded with the freshest Australian salmon, shrimp, oysters and trout.

You’re also welcome to build your very own spread by choosing options off our year-round menu with a barbeque, 3 course meal and even canapés.  Perfect if you’re looking to host a holiday celebration without a specific focus on the Yuletide theme.

We also have tofu loaf and a diverse range of sides available that really guarantee something for everyone.  No more racking your brain trying to work out how to integrate several dietary requirements into a single menu that makes everyone happy.

And who could forget dessert? Our dainty mince pies, Christmas puddings and cupcakes will satisfy every sweet palate. Plus, our cookies are just the thing for nibbling on in front of the telly afterwards.

You might even be tempted to squirrel some away for yourself later – but we promise we won’t tell!

How It Works:

  • Firstly, pick your order. If you’re undecided there’s always our popular ‘Tis The Season Christmas Buffet Package which includes starters, mains, a variety of sides and dessert – all reasonably priced per person. We offer tastings for groups of 50 or more if you’re undecided – and if you’re happy we’ll deduct it from your order!
  • Once you’re ready, place your order. Please note that we only offer staffed events for Festive season functions, with a minimum spend of $1500 during November and December. Alternately you can opt for delivery instead for smaller groups.
  • We’ll deliver your Christmas Day meal on the 23rd to anywhere in Melbourne, or you can pick it up the following day yourself.
  • The final and most important step – you enjoy yourself thoroughly on Christmas Day and don’t spend a single second washing, chopping or serving anything!