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Barbeque Catering for Outdoor Occasions

Snags, burgers, prawns. Snags, burgers, prawns. Snags, burgers, prawns. It doesn’t matter how many barbecues you go to this summer, we bet you see the same tried and tested recipes time and time again. Why? Because in Australia, that’s what we do so well. But wouldn’t it be great if your barbecue were a little bit different? That’s where barbecue catering comes in.

As the sun rears its head again, nothing beats a barbecue to celebrate…well, pretty much anything! But rather than serving up the usual suspects, people are increasingly looking to barbecue catering to take their occasion to the next level, whether it’s a corporate event, birthday barbecue or simply a special family get-together. With barbecue catering, there’s not a charcoaled snag or boring salad in sight. Instead, your guests can tuck into beautiful seasonal produce, prepared with a mix of spices and flavours to really get the tastebuds fired up.

Barbecue catering is also a great solution for guests with dietary requirements. With all the store-bought marinades, sauces and dressings, it can be tough for guests with a food allergy or intolerance to work out what they can eat. Often the host can lose track or might not know what is suitable for which diet. And the last thing you want is to face the consequences of someone eating something they shouldn’t. With barbecue catering, they can be catered for easily. Barbecue catering chefs can create a special menu to meet every single dietary need and personal preference, so everyone can kick back and relax.

Gourmet BBQ Catering at Your Doorstep

So what is gourmet barbecue catering exactly? Well, quite simply, it means bringing together the best ingredients with tastebud tickling flavours in more complex dishes than you would normally dare to cook on a barbecue. But the true cornerstone of gourmet barbecue catering is good quality seasonal produce.

With barbecue season, there is always something to look forward to and discover. Living in the food hub of Australia (well, we think so), we’re lucky that we can source heaps of fresh and in-season ingredients to really grill up a feast.

Meat is still a big favourite on the barbecue, but it can be expensive to buy good steaks and meat for all your guests. That’s where gourmet barbecue cateringcomes in. At an affordable price, your guests can enjoy lamb and rosemary sausages, tangy tomato and chipotle chilli chicken kebabs, and Mediterranean marinated porterhouse steak. Seafood is always a crowd pleaser, so gourmet barbeque catering also provides the freshest fish with tangy summery flavour, such as lime, coriander and ginger fish fillets. Yum. And of course, there are always tasty options for vegetarian and gluten free guests.

For BBQ celebrations with a decadent difference,gourmet barbecue cateringalso offers dessert tartlets, which work a treat with a glass of bubbles! And even after seconds on the meat and fish (and yes, they’ll go back for seconds!), nobody will be able to resist nibbling on tropical fruit skewers, brownies and mini chocolate cakes with salted caramel sauce. Perfect for Spring Racing Carnival parties and Melbourne Cup Day!

By choosing from a range of affordable gourmet barbecue catering packages, you can be sure all of your guests needs are catered for. No need to worry about salads and bread rolls – they’re all included in the price. So too are disposable plates, cutlery, napkins trestle tables for service and foil trays. It really is the easiest BBQ you’ll ever have!

Gourmet barbecue catering puts the fun and excitement back into the Great Aussie BBQ. And, unchained from the heat of the grill, you’re free to chill out in the sunshine with your friends, family, good food and drink. That’s what summer is all about, right?

Gourmet BBQ Catering from Your Private Chef!