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Enjoy a French feast with Bastille Day catering, courtesy of Your Private Chef!

Bastille Day is one of the most important dates in the French calendar, and is usually accompanied by parades, parties and of course, food.

There are even celebrations going on right here in Melbourne!

While local festivities mightn’t hold a candle compared to the show they up in France, you don’t have to be French to join in on the festivities. If you’re planning a celebration or just want an excuse to liven up the middle of the year, Your Private Chef has you covered.

What is Bastille Day?

Bastille Day (referred to in France as le 14 Juillet or la Fête nationale) commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison, which is widely considered the first act of the French Revolution.

What followed was the overthrow of the monarchy, beheadings, the reign of terror, several decades of political instability, Napoleon…

Okay, so the revolution might have ended on a bit of a low note. But that doesn’t mean your 14th of July celebrations has to!

Bastille Day is the perfect excuse to indulge yourself in some uniquely Gallic gastronomy. Even if you don’t speak a word of the language, it’s the perfect excuse for a bit of a French foodie celebration!

Choose canape dining for your Bastille Day catering

Your Private Chef’s cocktail menu features a huge range of mouthwatering, bite-sized eats. We’ve put together a range of canape packages hot and cold.

Start your Bastille Day celebration with some simple, cold canapes

If you’re planning a low-key or even last-minute celebration, these no-prep canapes are perfect.

Pick and choose from our selection of cold packages, and enjoy some of the following delights:

  • Goats cheese mousse, beetroot relish and walnut tarts
  • Rare beef tartare salsa verde
  • Crab in lime, chilli and herb kewpie mayo
  • Coronation chicken on a petit bagel
  • Citrus salmon avocado ceviche on a corn tortilla, topped with caviar]

Warm yourself up with our hot canape selection

The French are fortunate enough to celebrate the 14th of July right in the middle of summer.

We Aussies on the other hand are less fortunate.

Your Private Chef also offers hot canape packages to warm your stomach this July, with options including:

  • Rolled Italian meatballs in Napoli sauce
  • Baby spinach, cheddar and caramelised onion tartlets
  • Orange, thyme and feta arancini balls
  • Mini brioche sliders, served with falafel, spinach, hummus or beef brisket
  • Gourmet pies, including beef burgundy, Moroccan lamb and vegetable korma

Explore our cold and hot canape packages here.

What’s a French feast without cheese and wine?

Bastille Day is about celebrating all things French. And what’s more French than cheese and wine?

In addition to your standard deserts, we also offer range of cheese platters for those with more savoury tastes. Our platters feature a mix of cheeses, including:

  • Locally-produced brie and blue cheese from Victoria’s Gippsland region
  • Vintage cheddar
  • Soft, gooey camembert, served warm

All of this served alongside nature’s candy: each of our cheese platters comes with fresh and preserved seasonal fruits for a bit of a sweet kick.

We can even add wine to the package. Ask our team about adding a couple bottles of champagne to your Bastille Day catering package!

Let them eat cake!

And of course, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without some sweet temptations.

For many of your guests, dessert is the highlight of your Bastille Day catering. We’d hate to disappoint them!

Your Private Chef has a tantalising dessert menu, with plenty of French-themed desserts perfect for your Bastille Day fling:

  • Fresh strawberries, dipped in dark chocolate with your choice of coconut or pistachio crumbing
  • Eclairs in flavours ranging from pistachio, to raspberry, to apple, to chocolate
  • Coffee-soaked opera cakes, layered with butter creme and chocolate ganache
  • Bright macarons, available in white chocolate, nougat and licorice among other flavours

Choose Your Private Chef for Bastille Day catering

Planning a celebration of your own for Bastille Day? You’d best dust off your berets, dig up your nearest Breton top, and brush up on your wine knowledge!

Make this 14th of July something special. Get in touch with Your Private Chef on (03) 9018 9321 or tell us a little about your event – we’d love to help bring it to life!