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Catering For Christmas In July

It’s a strange phenomenon that many Australians seem to share…

Even though we’ve experienced summer Christmases for most (if not all) our lives, when we close our eyes and imagine Christmas what often comes to mind is snow. Maybe it’s all the movies we’ve watched portraying Christmas in the northern hemisphere – roaring fires, hot chocolates and steaming hot turkeys.  Whatever it is, there’s a desire amongst many Aussies to experience a ‘white Christmas’ and celebrating Christmas in July at home is a lot cheaper and more convenient than travelling in December!

One of the best things about Christmas by far – whether you’re celebrating in July or December is all the delicious food. Catering for Christmas in July has particular potential for deliciousness, including trying food and drinks we might not think of serving in summer.

Our Melbourne catering company has helped make many July Christmas parties special – here are some of our recommendations for yours:

Create The Christmas Spirit

Whilst pulling out the Christmas tree might be too much of a task, it’s easy to bring some Christmas cheer to your mid-year party with other decorations. Think candles, pinecones and baubles, along with a beautifully set table. If you’re catering for a large party Your Private Chef can help you with event styling including hiring tables, plates and cutlery. As a final flourish, make sure you blow the dust off those Christmas CDs and have them playing in the background (Mariah Carey, anyone?)
Heat Up Your Drinks

Although some may disagree, July in Melbourne is hardly the time for a frosty beer with lunch. For your Christmas In July extravaganza, consider mulled wine as a deliciously comforting winter warmer. Make sure tea and coffee are readily available after your main meal, and for sweet tooths, don’t forget a traditional hot chocolate. If you’d rather have drinks mixed and served to you at your party, our Melbourne catering company is  fully licensed – with drinks package options to suit different budgets.

Roast, Roast, Roast

Is Christmas really Christmas without a roast? Of course, turkey is the most obvious roasted dish that comes to mind – but roast pork, potatoes and pumpkin are also hot Christmas favourites. And personally, we think they’ll all taste that little bit extra special in winter. For many people, the thought of cooking a main dish for a party is a pretty intimidating proposition. If that’s the case leave the meat to us – our chefs will make your Christmas sing with a range of mouth-watering roasted options.
Don’t Pass Up On Pudding

‘Tis the season for a little indulgence – and if you’re celebrating Christmas in July you get to do it twice! Whilst December provides the perfect weather for pavlova, fruit salad and ice-cream cake – July is the time for hot Christmas pudding, custard and baked treats. Get your inspiration here.
Your Private Santa

If you’re looking for a catering company to bring some extra joy to your Christmas in July, have a chat with the team at Your Private Chef. Whilst we’re not exactly Christmas elves, we work just as hard and we know Christmas catering back to front. Call us to help make your party a special one – it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice.