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Catering For Public Holidays – Gourmet Meals To Go!

Your Private Chef - Sunday, April 17, 2016

Don’t you love that feeling when you realise a public holiday is approaching? It’s especially delightful when it takes you completely by surprise!

If you’re amongst the lucky ones who gets a day off, chances are you’ll use the next public holiday to take off – either for a short holiday or a day trip somewhere nice.

At Your Private Chef we have a delicious menu of meals that are perfect for your public holiday fun. It is after all, a holiday, so you shouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen – or worse, eating something greasy or unsatisfying at the end of your journey.

Whether you’re catering for two, four or a large group of hungry troupes, if you need public holiday catering we’ve got you covered with gourmet meals to go.

Choose from:

Hot Platters

Perfect for entertaining at home or heating up at your holiday destination, these delicious hot platters include home-made pies and sausage rolls as well as quiches, dim sims and chicken wing options. There’s also a scrumptious Middle- Eastern platter as well as warm breakfast options for a perfect start to the day.

Cold Platters

Not going to have access to an oven? No worries. If you’re planning to spend the next public holiday in a park or beach, a cold platter may be the perfect accompaniment. From sandwiches, to sushi as well as cold meats, dips and seafood – there are so many options, you’ll want to choose them all.

Salad Platters

If you’ve got plans to BBQ, why not take along some of our pre-prepared salads to make your meal complete? Simply store in your fridge until you’re ready to go. And when we say salad, we don’t mean a limp and leafy disaster. We’re talking about wholesome, colourful and flavoursome combinations of seasonal vegetables, as well as options such as cous, cous and pasta. Yum.

Fruit & Cheese Platters

Nothing says public holiday more than a glass of red, featuring hand-picked cheeses and seasonal fruit. Delicious. Enjoy your fruit and cheese platter as an afternoon delight or after an action-packed day in the evening.

Whichever gourmet-meal-to-go you choose for your public holiday catering, be sure to get in touch with us at least a week before you’re due to leave, so that we have time to prepare and deliver your meal in time.





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