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Catering For Spring Racing

Spring racing is a spectacular time of the year in Melbourne, which calls for equally dazzling catering for all the parties and events that fall within the season.

Vibrant colour, stunning fashion and flowing champagne are just some of the images that come to mind thinking about spring racing (apparently there are some pretty great horse races too) – and for Melbourne catering companies it’s a very busy time.

Now we don’t mean to boast, but we’ve catered more than a few spring racing parties. Spring racing catering is uniquely different to catering for other types of events. Knowing what to serve, how to serve it and when is what separates the ‘boys from the men’ in the catering world and can make all the difference to the experience of your guests.

These are some of the secrets that have helped us deliver exceptional spring racing catering to parties and events of all sizes.

Bite Sized Is Best

The spring racing season really heats up between September and November with plenty happening around Melbourne as well as regionally. Most parties and events take place by the racetrack. Guests are almost always standing, rather than seated and more often than not have at least one of their hands occupied with a drink. As a result, we usually recommend our bite-sized menu, including delicious canapes that are easily held and eaten without plates or cutlery.

No Spills

Beautiful dresses and suits look a lot less dashing when they’re stained with food. As a precaution, we recommend that event organisers choose canapes which are least likely to crumb, spill or stain. Just think about the damage that juicy beetroot canape would make if it was hurled into the air after its owner’s horse crossed the line first. Believe us, this is something that’s well worth considering.

Be Coordinated

If you want your event to be loved and remembered it should be coordinated thoughtfully from start to finish. Choosing a theme for your party/event and sticking to it is something that we’ve covered in previous blogs and it couldn’t be more relevant during spring racing. Not only is Your Private Chef a Melbourne catering company, but we’re professional event stylists as well. So, when you’re choosing your menu, we’ll ask about the colours you’ve used in your invitations and the decorations at your event and attempt to echo these in the food we prepare. Keeping things coordinated makes for an extra special event.

Bottoms Up

When it comes to alcohol, remember that your guests will be sipping for most of the day. What’s more, if your event is outside and the weather is warm, they’ll likely get a little dehydrated too. We’d recommend helping your guests to pace themselves by servicing beer, cider, wine, champagne and/or prosecco as opposed to spirits. That doesn’t mean your drinks have to be boring – cider comes in a range of delicious and inventive flavours and adding fruit to champagne is a great way to introduce vibrancy.

Be Served

Apart from fabulous food, hiring catering staff will help make your event a success. Using professional wait staff and bar tenders will help ensure food and drink is dispersed evenly amongst your guests and that any questions (for example about allergies) are handled correctly. At Your Private Chef we hand select our waiting staff for their professionalism, discretion, dedication and attention to detail. You can even request your own private chef to be present at the event preparing (or part-preparing) food in front of guests.

Delivery Is An Option

For those that are hosting a more intimate spring racing party at home, particularly on one of the big days like Melbourne Cup, why should you be the one racing around cooking and serving the food? Leave the racing to the horses and have your catering home-delivered. If you’ve chosen hot options, all you’ll have to do is follow the heating instructions to warm everything up.

Book Early

Our final advice for hosting an exceptional spring racing event? Book your Melbourne caters as early as possible. As mentioned before, spring racing is incredibly busy for caters, so avoid disappointment and give as much notice as possible. Your Private Chef is here to take your call.

Ready. Set. Go!