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Christmas Catering Melbourne, the Holiday Favourites

While you might not be dreaming of a white Christmas, chances are you’re dreaming of a stress-free one. That’s why when it comes to Christmas catering Melbourne families are calling in the chefs to helpthem get it right. After all, Christmas should be a time for family, not winding queues in the supermarket and over-heated kitchens.

Just imagine: no more worrying if you have a tray big enough for the turkey (have you ever noticed how the turkey gets bigger every year?). No more stressing about whether everything will be ready on time, and how to cater for that difficult relative (you know the one).

Whether they prepare the big-ticket items or the whole gourmet Christmas spread, a Christmas catering Melbourne chef helps you get out of the kitchen and spend more time with your loved ones. And while you’re saving time, you could also be saving money.If you have a big family to feed, it can be more economical to opt for a personal chef who will avoid the classic – and expensive – trap of over-catering.

Personal Chef for your Personal Christmas Catering Needs

For every personal chef, Christmas catering is the perfect time to have fun with food. A personal chef inspires people to venture away from the classic turkey dinner or seafood barbecue to explore new takes on festive delights. We’ve seen lamington-inspired ice cream sundaes, pork loin with pickled figs, and platters of savoury macarons with cranberries, cherries and walnuts. The best personal chefs will also take advantage of seasonal produce,turning every ingredient into something new and exciting, to truly make it a Christmas to remember.

Another growing trend amongst Melbournians is Christmas dinners inspired by a cultural flavour. It might not be the whole dinner, but the tastes of Spain, Italy, Greece, Mexico and more are infusing into individual courses. Grilled prawns transform into a Sicilian prawn salad with olives, lemon rind, parsley, and celery heart. Barbecued fish becomes a crispy skin snapper with fried kale, soba noodles and miso broth. Platters are piled high with Mediterranean favourites: roasted peppers, artichokes, olives, grissini sticks, Serrano prosciutto, bocconcini, semi-dried tomatoes and frittata. For some families, this is a special treat for the older generations around the table who are filled with Christmas memories from their younger years. This is one Christmas wish a personal chef is only too happy to grant.

With a personal chef, Christmas catering can also be more health conscious. It’s becoming harder and harder for time-strapped families to cater for weight-loss plans and strict dietary requirements – lactose intolerance, nut allergies, Coeliac disease, fructose malabsorbsion and many more. In the past, this has meant the person with the dietary requirement (if you’re lucky to have only one!) has to miss out. But with a personal chef, they can be catered for with no fuss and stress. Personal chefs can create the menu especially for you and your family, to meet every single dietary need and personal preference, without compromising on the fun flavours of Christmas.

So if all you want for Christmas is to be free from the kitchen to enjoy the festivities, bring in a personal chef!

Your Exclusive Christmas Dinner Party with Your Private Chef