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Christmas catering menus that promise a memorable feast

Doesn’t time just fly by?

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking of gift ideas, setting up decorations, and planning New Year’s resolutions (even if you know you’ll break them!) because Christmas is fast approaching.

What are your Christmas plans this year? Are you planning a getaway? Keeping it low key at home? Thinking about a massive get-together?

Whatever your plans this year, Christmas is the time to surround yourself with friends, family, and food. But you can’t really be blamed for wanting to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible this year.

Let Your Private Chef take care of all the Christmas food this year!

Our Christmas menu has something to suit your get-together or function. We take a look at some of our favourite festive menus.

Christmas lunch and dinner menus

Christmas lunch/dinner is simultaneously the best and most stressful part of Christmas.

On the one hand, it might be the only time of year you have the entire family together.

On the other hand, everyone’s there – friends, family, co-workers – and they’re all expecting you to provide good food! The pressure to perform and have everything absolutely perfect can be almost unbearable.

Not this year, though!

Not everybody is a gourmet chef. Fortunately, we are! So why not let us take a whole lot of weight off your shoulders?

Let Your Private Chef take care of your food come Christmas lunch or dinner. Our lunch and dinner options take all the preparation out of your Christmas – we’ll deliver to your door on Christmas Eve, and all you have to do, depending on what you’ve ordered, is serve as is or reheat! just pop it in the oven (or fridge) and you’re good to go!

No matter how many family members you’re feeding, we’ve got a package that will work for you.

Christmas carvery menu

If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas roast, check out our Christmas carvery menu.

We’ve got every type of meat: whole slow roasted turkey covered in an apricot glaze for the traditionalists, whole boneless leg hams, herb rolled eye fillets and much more.

Craving something more summer-appropriate?

Unlike our friends in the northern hemisphere, we Aussies get to enjoy a warm summer Christmas!

So if your family is thinking of skipping the hot food and choosing something a bit more summer-appropriate, we’ve got you covered!

Seafood platters

Our mixed seafood platters have everything: freshly peeled prawns, sashimi salmon slices and fresh oysters to whole lobsters, all poached and ready to be served cold. Delicious and so Aussie!

Oyster platters

Try our oyster platters served natural or with chive béchamel sauce, peeled prawns with seafood sauce or smoked salmon sides to bring a bit of refinement to your summer celebration

Christmas salads

Salads are no longer filled with just boring and limp greens. Our range of fantastic Christmas salad buffets are great looking – and tasty, too! Impress your guests with our creamy potato salad, wild rocket & avocado salad, and scrumptious Caesar salads.

Give into temptation…

Your New Year’s resolutions are still a few days away from starting, so don’t skimp on delectable desserts!

Finish the day on a sweet note with our gorgeous Christmas desserts including sticky date puddings, festive tartlets and Christmas cakes.

We also have perennial crowd-pleasers like tartlets, mousses, and jar cakes.

Christmas and end-of-year celebrations

Are you planning a huge Christmas function for your co-workers, local club, or extended family?

Do you feel a little out of your depth, and not quite sure where you should begin?

If you’re pulling your hair out just thinking about how you’re going to feed 50+ people, give us a call! We love catering for large functions, helping you to enjoy your event with your guests.

  • Hot and cold platters are perfect for sharing – the hardest decision will be which platters you choose!

  • Who can go past a traditional BBQ this time of year? You can also choose a fully staffed BBQ function (including equipment and styling – perfect for work end-of-year celebrations!

  • Prefer something lighter? Hot and cold canapes are available for delivery only or for staffed events. Call us for more info!

  • Want to stand out from the crowd? The hot new trend is food stations – these expertly styled sharing tables are designed to bring people together and create a truly memorable food experience

Our packages can be scaled to match the size of your event – whether you’ve invited a dozen guests or a hundred, call us today to see how we can deliver for your Christmas or end-of-year celebrations!

The Your Private Chef Christmas experience

Christmas is one of the most important holidays on the calendar. Your food should reflect that!

If you want to know more about our Christmas catering offerings, you can call (03) 9018 9321 now or contact us here. Know what you want? Order online now!