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Let’s have a chef-to-chef: some advice from your Private Chef to make Christmas easier

Does a cold sweat break out at the thought of picking a menu and organising everything come Christmas Day?

Are you dreading the prospect of preparing your family’s planned Christmas feast?

Trust us, we know exactly how you feel!

Fortunately, there are a couple of simple strategies we’d like to share to make things easier when it comes to preparing your Christmas Day feast.

Christmas catering requires a plan

You can start by buying ingredients early, scheduling each item so that you’re never left with a kitchen traffic jam and splitting your workload with family members.

While it may seem simple, having clearly defined a plan outlining just how you intent to approach the herculean task that is Christmas lunch or dinner can go a long way.  It can  keep you organised and bring your levels of stress all the way down.

What are you waiting for? Start writing your Christmas food plan now!

Start early when it comes to your Christmas Day feast

Prepare as much of your Christmas meal as early as possible: when the decorations start going up around you and the shopping centres start blasting carols, you should at least be thinking about your Christmas feast!

This piece of advice mightn’t be applicable for every item on your menu, but you’d be surprised how much of the traditional Christmas meal can be prepared early, frozen and quickly reheated on the day – all while still tasting great!

  • Stuffing and sauces can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days, so get these ready a couple of nights beforehand
  • Cold desserts like pudding, mousse or tiramisu can be prepared weeks in advance, frozen, and thawed on the day
  • Christmas cookies can take hours to prepare and bake – so why not get them ready the week prior (and make some extras in case of hungry kids during the week)
  • Even something as simple as cutting up your carrots, parsnips and potatoes the day before can save you precious minutes

Keep it simple!

Yes, when Christmas comes around the pressure to perform can be crushing.

But here’s a secret: you don’t need to bake 25 different types of cookies to please your family!

While a huge, complicated menu may impress your relatives, it can also be a nightmare to prepare.

Fill your Christmas menu with items that don’t take an eternity to make. A Christmas pudding can take an hour to prepare and an additional five in the oven, so why not choose something quicker for dessert, like a tiramisu, which only takes half an hour to make and an hour to set?

Better yet, why not consider a caterer who can take all cooking responsibilities off your hands entirely?

Christmas Day catering (yes, it exists!)

Preparing Christmas lunch or dinner can drain you dry.  And with so much preparation, planning and hard work that goes into your Christmas feat, you might be left so exhausted that you can’t even enjoy the fruits of your labour.

And that’s how many of us will inevitably spend our time off. What a drag!

Don’t you at least deserve this one week to unwind completely?

At Your Private Chef, we understand where you’re coming from. Fortunately, we have a solution that will take all the weight off your shoulders and give you your time back: leave Christmas Day catering to the pros.

There are plenty of reasons to talk to us about your Christmas feast!

You don’t have to do a thing!

Our Christmas packages run the gamut of Christmas meals:

  • Christmas carvery classics including whole roast turkeys and boneless leg hams
  • Cold seafood platters (think fresh king prawns, shucked oysters, and lobster – perfect for an Aussie summer!)
  • Hot platters (crowd-pleasers like gnocchi, potato platters and seasonal vegetables deliver great value)
  • Christmas desserts (from classics such as drunk sticky date pudding to succulent chocolate mousses)

Through on-the-day Christmas catering, you can enjoy your festive feast just as your family and friends will!

Check out our Christmas Day menu here and order online now!

How Your Private Chef’s Christmas Day catering works

Time is one of your most precious resources, and this is especially true around Christmas!

For many, the holiday season is the only significant time off in the entire year to spend with our friends and family. Why spend even more time away, running yourself ragged in the kitchen?

Fortunately, Your Private Chef’s offerings aren’t just delicious – they’re also a snap to prepare!

Choose pre-cooked food delivered on Christmas Eve

All of our Christmas menu items come pre-cooked, so all you have to do is follow the simple preparation instructions we include and before you know it, you’ll be at the table, gorging on quality Christmas food with your friends and family!

Choose pre-prepared food delivered on Christmas Eve and cooked by you on Christmas Day

Alternatively, we can deliver your food on Christmas Eve portioned, prepared, and marinated but raw, allowing you to still cook it yourself on Christmas Day. Take the stress out of food prep but still enjoy cooking on Christmas morning if you’d prefer!

Looking a Christmas caterer? Call Your Private Chef today!

Christmas lunch and dinner are arguably the two biggest meals of the entire year, so it’s only natural to want the very best.

Of course, good food can take hours, days, or even weeks to prepare. Is that really how you want to spend your Christmas break?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service which could look after all that hassle for you?

Good news: there is!

Let Your Private Chef help you out! Enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch or dinner prepared by an expert chef, all without sacrificing any of your precious family time to make it.

If you’d like to know more about our Christmas offerings, give Ana at Your Private Chef a call on (03) 9018 9321.

You can also browse our Christmas Day catering menus here and order online!