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5 Corporate Christmas parties you really want to avoid

It’s corporate Christmas party time, and you know what that means – excessive drinking, awkward moments on the dance floor, complaints from the boss, awkward moments off the dance floor, a budget that’s gone out of control and a list of people who you need to have ‘a little chat’ with at work on Monday.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s our list of 5 Corporate Christmas parties you really really want to avoid and tips on how to avoid them.

1. The Drunken Party

You know the scene. A stunning venue with decadent food, filled with well-dressed colleagues. All of them completelywasted. The drunken party might be entertaining around the water cooler the next day, but you can bet it will cause a few grumbles from Management when you’re trying to negotiate next year’s budget. So how do you avoid it? Let’s face it, there will always be one or two who have a few too many (and a few more after that)…but there are a couple of tricks. First, you can limit the amount of free alcohol. An open bar is asking for trouble, but good quality fizz, hand-picked wine or beer and a cool cocktail bar can go down a treat.Second, always make sure there are plenty of soft drinks and water available at all times. And most importantly, provide really great food – and lots of it. After all food soaks up alcohol, right? You don’t need to provide a full course meal but food available right from the start of the party will help line the stomachs.

2. The Office Party

You know the one – the party that is held in the office. It doesn’t matter how fancy the food is or how many fairy lights are strung over the computers, an office is an office is an office. You will never quite manage to unchain people from their desks and encourage them to have a good time. The fact of the matter is, no matter how small your budget is, you should always look for a venue that helps people relax and have fun. But if you really must hold the party in the office, just remember to lock the photocopying room door.

3. The Boss’s Party

So you want to please the big boss and they have a style of party in mind. Before you know it they’re dictating the menu, picking the decorations and are helping you audition the band. But is what your boss wants right for the rest of the company? Do your colleagues really want a three-course sit down meal in a country club? If it’s a young crowd, probably not! The trick is to consult with your boss on some things, such as the catering menu and drinks, so they feel included, but ultimately go with what you know will work.

4. The Hungry Party

Oh there is nothing worse than a room full of grumbling stomachs. Grumbling stomachs = grumbly people. And if everyone is coming to the Christmas party straight after work, you can bet they will all be hungry. It’s an easy one to avoid – simply serve a variety of canapés while they are enjoying their first drinks. Keep them circulating until the main meal. If there isn’t a main course as such, make sure there are enough substantial items on the menu to satisfy their appetites.

5. The Greasy Party

You know that moment when you are gnawing on a spicy chicken wing, balancing a glass of wine and another couple of canapés, and your boss suddenly decides to make an appearance? That’s what you want to avoid. Providing food that’s really difficult to handle is a common mistake for corporate Christmas parties. But the solution is really very simple: avoid greasy foods, always provide napkins, and serve food in easy bite-size portions. Oh and provide somewhere for people to discard their napkins, so you don’t see Bob from accounts wandering the party, pockets bulging with napkins and half-eaten chicken drumsticks.

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