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Corporate Team Building… With Food!

‘Corporate team building’ is a term that conjures up mixed feelings.

On the one hand, team building events can provide a fun, challenging and memorable day that genuinely brings teams closer together. On the other hand, they can be notoriously disorganised, uninteresting and, frankly, a little lame.

The event, workshop or activity you choose for your next corporate team building day will make all the difference to the experience of employees. It should incorporate teamwork, encourage collaboration and help reveal another side to the people who work within your organisation.

Stuck for ideas? Make your next corporate team building day a foodie affair!

Corporate Team Building With Food

At Your Private Chef one of the best parts of our job is brining corporate teams together through cooking challenges.

Why a cooking challenge?

Australia’s love affair of culinary skills is stronger than ever – just take a look at all of the successful cooking shows on TV, from Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules to Food Safari on SBS.

Cooking challenges work because they encompass all of the essential elements of a successful corporate team building day. They’re exciting, highlight skills in leadership and cooperation and create plenty of healthy competition. Best of all, at the end of the day there’s a delicious reward for all who’ve participated!

How Do They Work?

At Your Private Chef we can design a corporate cooking challenge to suit the requirements of your team and organisation. We accommodate intimate teams with as little as 10 staff as well as larger organisations with up to 300 people. Depending on your location (and size) we’ll host the occasion at one of our many partner venues across Melbourne.

As part of our cook-off challenges, we’ll split your group into even teams, appointing a ‘head chef’ in each group. All players receive chef hats, aprons, cooking utensils, and raw ingredients to plan, prepare and whip up their menus against the clock. And of course, there are a number of separate creative challenges throughout the event to keep things interesting!

Winners are decided by our very own Executive Chef based on taste, style, teamwork, presentation, and originality.

Will A Cooking Challenge Work For My Organisation?

We’ve hosted successful cooking challenges with organisations from all sorts of industries. Your staff don’t need to be great cooks to participate – but chances are they’ll be inspired to do more in the kitchen by the end of the event!

Ultimately, our corporate team building events will help boost staff morale and create a day your team won’t forget.

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