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Easter Catering
Easter will be hopping in soon and the kids will be home for school holidays too. Make sure to plan ahead for your Easter events with family and friends to ensure a stress-free, chocolate-filled weekend.
When organising your Easter gatherings, try to include some easy DIY’s for the kids to enjoy. The quintessential favourite is usually dying eggs. This year, try natural dyes by using beetroot, spirulina powder or coffee. For a quick example, if you’re using beetroot, roughly chop 1-2 beets, cover with water and bring to the boil. After that, lower the heat to a simmer and cover for 15 minutes. Add a tablespoon of vinegar once the dye has cooled and you can start dyeing your eggs! Or let the little ones run wild by blowing out the egg yolk and white, and painting the eggs with glitter and acrylics.
Next on the agenda: getting the chocolate eggs ready for the family Easter egg hunt. Check the weather ahead of time to make sure the youngsters find a perfect chocolate egg and not a melted mess! Having an Easter egg hunt is great fun for all the extended family.
And if you’re having the whole family over, preparing all the Easter food favourites is key. But, while wrangling the children and guests, you can sometimes find yourself at a loss: of both ideas and time!
Luckily, there are always party catering options waiting for you online. Whether that includes ordering meals ahead of time – getting it delivered the day of the big family gathering – or arranging a family style sumptuous Easter buffet for all to enjoy. Just keep in mind when ordering: Your Private Chef can’t deliver Easter Sunday but will still be doing staffed events. Leave that worry behind and order for delivery on Easter Saturday. Whatever private catering you choose, dress it up! Set up Easter Baskets with the traditional grass or hay and lay the food on a table laden with eggs and chickens.
If you’re looking for an event the whole family can appreciate, the Rippon Lea Easter Egg hunt is held on their magnificent grounds and includes boat rides, outdoor games and chocolate egg prizes. Take everyone for a fun filled day.