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Footy food: what are your options for grand final catering?

If you ask us, it’s never too early to start thinking about Grand Final catering.

With finals set to start in the coming days and the Grand Final happening in about a month (Saturday, 29th September), you don’t want to leave planning for such a huge event to the last minute!

This advice doesn’t just apply to footy food either – if you want to guarantee yourself a great food experience, it’s best to start preparing early.

And if your Grand Final Day itinerary involves planning an event for dozens of people, you might need a little bit of help keeping food flowing for the entire day.

Thankfully, a caterer takes all the planning off your hands, so you can focus on making the rest of Grand Final Day… well, grand! (Even if your team didn’t make it…)

Grand Final Day BBQ catering

There’s few things more quintessentially Australian than a weekend BBQ. So what better way to mark the finals than with our Aussie sausage sizzle bundle?

Think of it as a greatest-hits compilation of all your barbecue favourites, including:

  • Beef sausages
  • Caramelised onions
  • Your choice of sliced bread
  • Condiments and sauces

Hosting a sizzle for dozens of guests? Organising it yourself can become a logistical nightmare.

Our sausage sizzle package takes all that planning off your hands, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the pre-game entertainment, and of course, every second between the first bounce and the final siren.

Gourmet barbecue catering

Want to seriously impress your friends and relatives? Looking for something a bit more upmarket for your grand final catering?

As a caterer that specialises in gourmet cooking, Your Private Chef has you covered with our range of gourmet BBQ packages, taking “BBQ catering” to a whole new level!

Gourmet BBQ catering packages

With a wide range of gourmet meats as well as exotic salads, our gourmet BBQ catering is designed to impress all of your guests! Some delicious favourites include:

  • Portuguese chicken skewers
  • Slow-cooked lamb ribs
  • Teriyaki salmon steaks
  • Charred mexican corn with chipotle chilli
  • Skinless Cevapi sausage
  • Whole prawns, sourced in Queensland
  • A diverse range of gourmet salads

These are just some of the items in our gourmet barbecue packages. Click here to take a look through what’s on each package, and which one’s most suitable for your guests.

In addition to meats, all of our barbecue packages come with homemade bread rolls and a broad spread of gourmet salads and slaws. We can even accommodate for dietary requirements – just get in touch with our team.

Canapes on the grill

Canape dining is the best of both worlds – you get the taste of barbecue, with the fanciness normally only reserved for high-end cocktail menus.

Our canapes on the grill packages include a range of bite-sized gourmet BBQ items, including:

  • Thai marinated chicken tenderloin and beef skewers
  • Yakitori tenderloin skewers with kewpie mayo
  • Skinless Croatian beef sausages, served in a baby brioche bun
  • Teriyaki salmon skewers
  • Pork belly, marinated in chilli, fennel and sea salt
  • Mini brioche sliders
  • Gourmet salads, served in bamboo boats

And of course, it wouldn’t be cocktail dining without black tie service to go with it!

Add staff to your party so you don’t have to lift a finger!

And while we’re on the topic of staffing…

Private catering extras

We’re more than just a catering business. We know that while food is a huge part of what makes your celebration a success, it’s not the only factor – all of the other details play a role too.

Whether you need wait staff to help everything run smoothly, an event planner to get everything set up or somebody to take care of the grill so you can focus on the match, our staff hire is perfect for you.

You don’t even need to provide the grill, either – if you need to, you can get in touch with our team for BBQ hire as well!

Start planning Grand Final catering now

Get in touch with Your Private Chef

While footy is the big one (in Melbourne, at least), it’s not the only code with a final in September.

Rugby League fans have their own finals clash coming up the day after – they’ll need to think about grand final catering too!

This isn’t something you want to leave to the last second. Whether you’re planning an event for the day itself or the public holiday just before, it pays to start organising things well in advance.

And that’s where we come in!

At Your Private Chef, catering for large events and celebrations is our bread and butter.

Our menu is huge. BBQ and canape dining is just scratching the surface. Whatever your taste, we’ll have something to suit your palate – check out our complete private catering menu here.

No matter what type of celebration you’re throwing, get in touch with our team on (03) 9018 8321, or tell us about your event online.