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Give the gift of food! Gourmet meal delivery vouchers
Your Private Chef – Monday, July 17, 2017

Looking for something different to give as a gift to your loved ones? Surprise and delight them with a gourmet meal delivery voucher from Your Private Chef.

Our flexible weekly menus cater to a wide variety of dietary needs and requirements, and are perfect for everyone!

The convenience these meal vouchers bring alleviates stress brought on by periods of increased activity or new responsibilities.

Think outside the box for your next housewarming or baby gift – think food, and give the gift of a YPC meal delivery voucher!

Giving the gift of food is easy – simply buy online and let your loved one choose the meals they want delivered direct to their door!

Questions? Contact us today!

New parents

As much as it is an exciting time full of new experiences and memories, becoming a new parent can also be a quite stressful time with a sharp learning curve. New responsibilities, extra expenses and many sleepless nights, sometimes meals are forgotten altogether.

One of our meal vouchers would be the perfect gift to give the new parents a night off and one less thing to worry about. And in those first few months of parenthood, every extra relief counts.

New Mum’s Pantry

Created by YPC co-founder Ana, our New Mum’s Pantry package has been specifically designed for new mothers. Enjoy 12 nutrient-dense meals PLUS 12 lactation cookies, designed to boost milk supply.

Know a new or expectant mother? This is the perfect gift for them! View the full menu and order online here.

P.S – This package is also available in a vegetarian option!

New home owners

Searching for a home can be a lengthy process, and in many cases, can be tiresome. Organising movers and juggling paperwork can be chaotic, so when you finally reach the first-night milestone, greasy take-out might be the only thing on your mind.

A gift of our gourmet meal voucher is a thoughtful way to allow friends or family to enjoy the first few nights in their new home.

Young people fresh out of home

Whether it’s for uni, a new interstate job, or simply to get out of the family home, the desire to live independently (or with friends or a partner) is a driving force for kids to fly the coop.

Empty nesters may be missing their brood, so why not remind them that you’re still the person who cares the most with a gourmet meal delivery voucher?

Ideal for young adults who are still finding their feet, a meal voucher can help alleviate the stress that comes with moving out of home (while parents can rest assured that their kids are still eating well!)

The elderly

Along with aging comes the slow loss of independence.

While some older people try to maintain their independent lifestyle (e.g. living alone), some tasks may simply become too difficult. If you know an older person who might need a hand when it comes to meal time, why not surprise them with a gourmet meal voucher?

Choose your amount and allow them to enjoy nutritious and perfectly portioned meals. Order a pack or a voucher online today and get it delivered direct to their door.

Patients recovering from surgery

Whether it’s a broken bone that limits mobility or something that affects energy levels or co-ordination, you can support a friend or family member who has recently undergone surgery by ensuring they continue to enjoy healthy meals!

During a patient’s first few days back at home, they will be concentrating on getting adequate rest or participating in low-impact rehabilitation sessions. Cooking will be the last thing on their mind!

Save them from boring meals with a meal delivery voucher that will put the flavour and nutrition back into their diet! Hospital food at its best can be bland, so welcome them home with a meal voucher that will deliver them delicious and nutritious meals as they begin their recovery.

Buy a gourmet meal delivery voucher today!

Giving the gift of food is easy – simply buy online and let your loved one choose the meals they want delivered direct to their door! Order here and if you have any questions, please call us!