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Going away for a long weekend? We can take care of the catering so you have tasty food wherever you go.

It has been said that an army marches on its stomach. Even if you’re not a military sort of person, it’s important to be well-provisioned if you’re travelling anywhere. There’s nothing that can make people grouchy and fed-up on holiday like empty stomachs. In contrast, food is a key way that people can bond, and memorable holiday experiences can often happen over meals. It’s crucial to keep your energy levels up if you’re going hiking or bushwalking, and a picnic can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in a lovely location.

So before you leave home, take some time to think about catering for your time away on holiday. Buying some boxed barbeque hampers or marinated meats can save you time and make for a wonderful holiday cookout. If you’re more of a grazer, or are having a social function, get some platters of finger food to pass around to your guests – sausages are cheap and great, while spring rolls can be good for vegetarians. Everyone will appreciate your forethought and keeping your friends and family well-nourished will reduce grumblings and disagreements. It’s a good idea to make sure that you know what cooking facilities you’ll have available on holiday, so you don’t buy anything you can’t use.
Travel and dining are two of the greatest joys in life, and they complement each other superbly. In addition to stocking up on food before you go away, have a look to see if your destination offers any specialty dishes. Australia is studded with some remarkable wineries, so it can be good to research the vineyards near where you’re travelling. But even if you’re not a gourmet tourist, finding some filling food for your holiday is still a crucial factor, and something you’ll severely regret if you forget about it. Celebrate your special time away with a proper feast, so that everything goes just right.