Gourmet meal delivery: goodbye fast food, hello healthy, delicious meals!

Gourmet meal delivery: goodbye fast food, hello healthy, delicious meals!acz

Did you know that the average household spends $104 per week on groceries for a single person and $314 per week for a couple with teenage children? Not to mention the time taken to shop and then there is the preparation, which research suggests sees Australians spending over 6 hours a week on! 

Given how busy we all are, how long we work and how much time we spend in traffic, isn’t there a better way to serve a healthy dinner? 

Fast food is definitely not the answer, for the hips or the hip pocket. 

There is a third option now, Gourmet Meal Delivery by Your Private Chef. 

Don’t settle for unhealthy fast food. Choose Your Private Chef to stock your fridge and freezer with very cost effective, chef-created home-style meals. Perfect for taking to work, enjoying with the family or eating alone. With meals starting from $6.96, this service will be the ultimate time-saver without feeling any ‘fast-food guilt’.

A weekly meal plan that fits your lifestyle

Choose a balanced and personalised food program, from one of our many value packs, created to make ordering easy based around your tastes and family size. Or if you prefer, just choose each dish individually, paired with sides and desserts. 

12 Meal Value Pack –great variety, great value for only $105

The perfect way to begin your weekly meal delivery services, with a great combination of meat, pasta, rice and veggie classics.

Meat Lovers Pack – one of our most popular!

For the carnivore-loving foodie this value pack contain 10 meals for only $105, with beautiful options such as our 2016 Australian Food Awards Gold Medal Winner, BBQ grilled Cajun chicken breast, roasted sweet potato mash, seasoned steamed vegetables. 

New Mum’s Pantry – the perfect combination of nurturing meals

12 meals plus 12 lactation cookies for only $120, a wonderful nutrient dense pack ideal for new mums. 

The Family Pack  – Family classics that everyone will love

The perfect family classics designed to easily feed mum, dad and the kids with our gourmet meal delights such as trays of lasagne, quiche, soups, pasta classic and event a crumbed chicken dish. 

How it works

Order online for fast service

Order as you need to, the fast and easy, way via our shopping cart. Just place your order by 12pm each Monday to ensure you are booked in for our Tuesday delivery service. For all Family Packs, please ensure orders are in by Friday 3pm.

Any questions, feel free to call the office on 9018 9321.

Delivery and packaging

Our deliveries take place each Tuesday between 2pm and 7pm.

You can expect your delivery in an insulated white Styrofoam box, designed to keep your meals in their frozen condition for up to 4 hours. We recommend placing your meals in the freezer as soon as you receive them. If you plan on being out during your Tuesday afternoon delivery, please ensure your box is safe to leave in front of your door, alternatively arrange for a different address (like work) to accept your meals to ensure they are taken care of in your absence.

Heating and eating

In your delivery slip you will notice a guide for how to reheat your meals. Follow the instructions for your dish. If you don’t own a microwave you can definitely do things the old fashioned way (we do!) and defrost slowly in the fridge overnight and use stove top or oven to reheat. Just remember, your packaging is only microwave safe (not oven!) and we recommend taking the lid off before you microwave. 

Switch fast food for gourmet meal delivery today! 

You can link to some of the most popular meals or plans and then link to the online booking system where readers can place their order.

Browse our value packs.



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