Gourmet Meal Delivery Melbourne

Weekly Gourmet Meals – Delivered!

The daily grind is exhausting. Traffic, long days at work, overtime, picking up the kids, grocery shopping, preparing a somewhat healthy dinner, and then all that clean up. Repeat tomorrow.

Where is the down time?

With a Your Private Chef Weekly Gourmet Meal Delivery service all that hard work is eliminated so you can finally enjoy a wind down to your long day with a healthy and fast dinner ready in a matter of minutes. And the clean up – virtually non-existent! 

Don’t feel guilty, you work hard enough and eating well is a must. Now gourmet meals are at your reach each night. Stock up for the month or order weekly if you prefer. 


With meals priced between $6.95 and $12.50 this service is seriously cost effective.

Reduce waste. Did you know that 40% of the average household bin is full of food? Australians throw away on average 20% of the food they purchase. Stop waste by eating pre-prepared and correctly portioned gourmet meals.


Variety of value packs available such as The Lean Pack, The I Love Carbs Pack, Meat Lovers and much more!

Meat, poultry & seafood

So many healthy and hearty options such as porterhouse steak, our award-winning BBQ grilled Cajun chicken, lamb shanks plus much more! https://order.old.yourprivatechef.com.au/items/category/meat-poultry-and-seafood

Curries, casseroles, stirfrys, soups

Nurturing home-style meals, healthy and light options and many family-friendly solutions. And with prices from only $6.95 this is a great work lunch option as well.


Eliminate the stress of deciding what to cook, and get your nights back again.

Easy to prepare. Microwave, oven or stove – our pre-cooked meals are ready in minutes and they taste and look amazing. Honestly, you would never know they had been frozen! 

Snap Frozen for ultimate freshness and quality. We use special blast freezing methods to ensure our gourmet meals taste exactly as they were made to.

Perfect for the whole family. Kids, adults, singles, elderly, intolerances. There is something here for everyone! 

Gourmet meal delivery Melbourne vouchers – Give the gift of food!

Far more practical than flowers, a gourmet meal delivery gift voucher is perfect for new mothers, sick loved ones, elderly parents and that special someone who has ‘everything’. You will be known as the best gift giver of all time with this thoughtful nurturing gift.

Simply choose an amount you are comfortable gifting and a voucher will be created that can be used any time within 12 months. 


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