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Head over heels! Look out for these wedding trends in 2018

Trends come and go – and the wedding industry certainly isn’t immune to them.

As professional caterers, we’ve worked on a lot of weddings, and we’ve seen some tasteful and clever ideas that look like they’re picking up steam this year!

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your upcoming wedding, why not look towards some of 2018’s wedding trends? Join Your Private Chef as we look into this year’s popular wedding trends and see if any of these will make it to your big day!

Wedding catering

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Dressing to impress: wedding suit and dress trends

Something blue…

When it comes to wedding attire, grooms don’t have as many options as brides. Tradition dictates that grey suits are for daytime weddings, while black suits are for night time ceremonies.

But it’s 2018 now. And frankly, only being allowed two colours is starting to get a little bit boring!

Instead of the traditional shades, we’ve seen a lot more variety in the colour of wedding suits recently. Without a doubt, one of the biggest successes has been navy blue.

It’s no surprise that navy is such a popular wedding colour. Coming in various tones and shades, navy is versatile – but most importantly, it’s sharp-looking. There’s a reason it’s the world’s favourite colour!

We’re also seeing the guys opt for more casual duds, including beige chinos, for outdoor, daytime, and beach weddings. Of course, grooms should have the freedom to wear whatever colour they want, like burgundy or green.

Speaking of the ladies…

Of course, this wouldn’t be a wedding post if we didn’t talk about wedding dresses!

While the most important thing is to see that the bride is radiant and happy, a glamorous wedding dress wouldn’t hurt either!

The wedding dress is the most important part of the entire planning process for many soon-to-be brides. The number of wedding dress trends that have come and gone is staggering – it can be difficult to keep up with what’s en vogue!

This year, it’s all about colour.

Wedding dresses in 2018 are becoming bolder. Brides are becoming more adventurous, opting for dresses adorned with coloured floral details or deeper accents in a break with tradition.

Does this symbolise a permanent shift away from the traditional white? Probably not. But it’s certainly eye-catchng, and definitely worth considering for your dress!

Find the right venue!

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s a bit more down to earth, why not go for a more low-key venue?

Industrial spaces

Woodsy and industrial-type spaces are huge – figuratively and literally! These types of spaces generally provide you with ample space for your grand wedding reception. Not to mention, they’re in huge demand this year.

These spaces give your reception a more intimate feel – no big spectacle, just a celebration of love, pure and simple.

Is it any wonder these venues are taking off?


Foliage has been a growing trend for the last few years, but it’s only until the last year or so where it’s branched out (pardon the pun) from bridal bouquets and boutonnieres to throughout the whole venue.

Nurseries are doubling up on their functions by acting as wedding ceremony and reception spaces throughout Melbourne – they’re unique, intimate, and oh-so photogenic.

Unique wedding food: wedding day catering

And finally, you can’t forget the food!

If you were to ask any couple to name their top five wedding essentials, we’re willing to bet food would be close to the top of that list.

Good food can make – or break – any event, especially a wedding. Good food is remembered for all the right reasons!

One trend that we’ve seen first hand as private caterers is uniqueness. Couples want every moment of their big day to be memorable and a direct reflection of the couple – and that’s led to a big push for more non-traditional food choices.

Social snacking: buffets and food stations

One big hit this year (and for the last couple) is buffets. Weddings are meant to be a social event.

But if guests are nailed to their tables… well, let’s just say not that much socialising is going to be happening!

That’s why almost overnight, buffets and food stations have become an insanely popular choice for wedding food.

Buffet catering is super unique: it’s modern, social, and casual, yet still so sophisticated.

Food stations are a hot new trend soaring in popularity. Explore some popular food station ideas here!

Food that reflects you

Some of the most creative menus we’ve seen at weddings have been menus that focus on honouring the two guests of honour.

After all, it’s your wedding. Naturally, the food should reflect you as a couple and your taste.

As a result, we’ve seen more and more couples adding their own favourite dishes to the catering menu.

For a customised culinary experience, talk with our team and we can help you set up a customised food station with your choice of hot and cold food. From classics like filling hot gnocchi to delightfully fresh seafood, the power is yours.

Make dessert a little bit different!

Of course, who could forget dessert?

For many of us, it’s the highlight of a meal!

Finish your night off with a bang:

  • Donut walls made a big splash last year. And in 2018, their popularity looks set to continue! These stunning and unique display look (almost!) too good to eat!
  • Fruit and cheese platters are a great alternative to traditional cakes as a sweet treat to end the night on
  • Explore our range of delectable desserts

These are just some of the more creative dessert options couples have been opting for – by no means are these the only options you have. Be as creative as you want!

Thinking of incorporating the latest wedding trends of 2018 into your big day?

Let Your Private Chef make your wedding a day to remember!

Your wedding is a major life event and you want to make it count!

These trends are just some of the big new ideas that look like they’ll make a big impact in wedding circles this year.

If you’re short of ideas for your big day, these trends provide a great place to start! And of course, you can’t have a memorable wedding without memorable food! Trends may come and go, but good wedding food is always going to stay in style.

If you wish to learn how Your Private Chef can be part of the biggest day of your life, give Ana a call now on (03) 9018 9321. Alternatively, tell us a few details about your upcoming event using this form and we will be in touch!