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Healthy food delivery you’ll actually want to eat!

No-one likes finding themselves the victim of false advertising.

Whether it’s buying an item of clothing online only to find out it looks nothing like the picture, to buying something from one of those embarrassingly bad TV infomercials, many of us will have fallen victim to false claims once or twice in the past.

And for some of us, we may have been swayed by the gourmet food delivery trend, only to find out that we are not getting our money’s worth, or are being led to believe the meals were eating are actually good for us.

That’s when Your Private Chef comes into play: combine the convenience of pre-prepared meals with the value of taste and nutrition, and you’ve just described our gourmet food delivery!

Gourmet food delivery just for you

When some of us hear “healthy food”, we think of bland, tasteless greens or of fad diets that fade into obscurity after a week.

With such illustrious company, we really don’t blame you for being tempted to look right past the supposedly healthy option.

However, there’s good news. Healthy doesn’t have to mean plain and tasteless any more… in fact, healthy food can taste just as good, if not better than the alternative!

Your Private Chef offers a weekly gourmet food delivery service that bucks the trend – not only is it healthy, but we guarantee you’ll actually want to eat it!

Delicious and healthy food delivery!

Healthy and delicious food delivery?! Say it ain’t so…

At Your Private Chef, our weekly food delivery is all about giving you access to a variety of healthy value packs that take away the stress of evening cooking and are full of flavours and nutrients.

Depending on your dietary needs, we have several healthy and cost-effective value packs available, designed to deliver all the good stuff in a convenient, delicious package!

The Lean Pack

Take our Lean Pack, for example. This option packs a powerful protein punch, with dishes like our salmon fillet served with rosemary & garlic chat potatoes, as well our award-winning BBQ grilled Cajun chicken breast with roasted sweet potato mash and seasoned steamed vegetables.

Vegetarian Pack

Not a meat-eater? No worries! We have the perfect 11 meal value pack for the vegetarians in the audience. Indulge in:

  • Spinach and ricotta gnocchi
  • Red lentil & tandoori spiced vegetable patties
  • Button mushroom risotto
  • And a ton more vegetarian dishes

We have also come up with a value pack that’s ideal for new mums out there – after all, mothers need a very different diet to prepare their bodies for motherhood.

New Mum’s Pantry

Our New Mum’s Pantry meal package is a great option to help mummies look after themselves… not to mention, their newborns! Each pack comes with nutritious and nourishing soups, as well 12 freshly baked lactation cookies made with key ingredients that promote solid milk supply.

These are just some of our favourite gourmet food packs – view the full list here.

Take back your time with healthy meal delivery

Not everyone has time to prepare a full dinner for themselves. Between work, your commute, school and any after-hours activities, you could very easily find yourself completely lacking the energy to prepare cook for yourself.

More often than not, convenient and unhealthy takeout can trump your wellbeing – after all, it’s easier to open your UberEats app than it is to prepare a meal for the family after work.

Now with Your Private Chef’s healthy meal delivery, you can cut the stress of preparing and cooking food (which could take a chunk of your time) out of your life!

Say sayonara to cooking – with our gourmet meals, dinner takes only minutes to prepare.

We also ensure the freshness and quality of all our delivered food thanks to our special blast freezing methods that lock in flavour and nutrients of your meals.

Gourmet meal delivery is more affordable than you think!

When some of us read the word “gourmet”, we immediately start thinking pricey or expensive, too.

With our gourmet weekly delivery service, you get a gastronomic feast prepared by a professional chef for a very reasonable price tag. Our generously portioned gourmet meals generally range between $6.95 and $12.50, and when you take advantage of our value packs, you can save even more.

And we’re also happy to share that delivery within 20km from our new office location in Elsternwick has been slashed to just $6!

Craving healthy food that you’ll actually look forward to eating?

Your Private Chef’s weekly gourmet delivery in Melbourne is at your service!

With Your Private Chef’s weekly delivery, eating gourmet dishes isn’t only reserved for special occasions or for fancy restaurants. Now you can actually savour all these delectable flavours daily by ordering from us!

Our talented chefs have carefully crafted a gourmet menu that is both delicious and healthy.

And there’s no better time to order these meals than now! Order gourmet meals online by midday on Monday for a Tuesday delivery, or call ahead and pick up from our new office (pending availability)!