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How Healthy Office Catering Makes Happier Employees

There are plenty of companies which provide office catering in Melbourne, but far less that give you healthy food options.

Yet, there are so many reasons to serve up fresh, wholesome food to staff, as opposed to options that are deep fried or laced with sugar and other nasties.

Consider this:

  • Foods that are high in processed sugar are more likely to leave your team feeling fatigued later on, impacting on productivity
  • Fried foods can irritate the digestive tract and stomach, making staff feel nauseous and heavy
  • Alternatively, serving up wholesome foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables can elevate mood and energy
  • Office catering with wholesome food provides an inclusive environment for staff who are diet-conscious, or who have special dietary requirements

Even more important, many employers underestimate the message they’re sending to their team with the choices they make in catering. When you choose a Melbourne food catering company that serves up fresh, healthy (and delicious!) options you’re sending a message to your staff that you care about their wellbeing and you value the importance of good food.

When you’re serving up generic, oily or sugar-pumped food, you risk sending the opposite message – which isn’t great for morale.

Healthy Office Catering Options

So what do healthy office catering options look like?  If you’re thinking it’s a menu full of obnoxious, unappealing fad-style foods – think again. Well, at least that’s the case at Your Private Chef.

Our version of wholesome office catering includes delicious gourmet sandwiches filled with fresh ingredients, stunning salads of almost every variety as well as a comforting range of homestyle lunch options – like soup, freshly baked lasagna and quiches.

For more upmarket corporate catering, we also offer an outstanding boardroom lunch option of up to three courses – including entrée, main and dessert.

Don’t Forget To Cater For all

Part of healthy office catering (or any type of catering for that matter), is ensuring that everyone you’re feeding has options. At Your Private Chef we can accommodate people who are intolerant to fructose and gluten as well as vegetarians and vegans. When you’re shopping catering companies make sure you choose one that’s got a versatile menu.

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Who says healthy has to be boring? – Swapping unhealthy for wholesome office catering is simple and extremely satisfying. For more information about quality office catering, get in touch with us!