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How to host a grand footie final BBQ with Your Private Chef

It’s one of the biggest days in the nation’s sporting calendar and what better way to watch the AFL Grand Final than with your best mates and your favourite foods. Now here are the rules of play for any grand final host who wants to clunk a mark in the catering department….

Rule 1 – A BBQ is your very own purple patch

Nothing says ‘Aussie’ quite like a BBQ, in fact any other dining style may see you get your own culinary fifty metre penalty and all hosting rites for future games revoked!

Your Private Chef’s BBQ menus are so good, the hardest part of your job will be choosing just one. We start the list with a classic Aussie Sizzle (our homage to the humble sausage) and go all the way up to our ‘Crème de la crème’: a foodie’s tribute to all things gourmet like eye fillet steak marinated in our cracked pepper seasoning, lamb fillet skewers with Mediterranean marinade, Sicilian BBQ prawns with garlic, chilli, parsley & lemon and Portuguese chicken skewers – and that’s not even the half of it!

In fact we have 11 BBQ menus to choose from, plus something special just for the kids and even dessert pancakes done on the grill! So whether you torpedo the catering into the sphere of a private chef and waiter to serve you and your mates in style, or if you prefer the DIY approach with catering delivered to your door for you to serve yourselves, either way the results are clear… satisfied friends all round!

Just make sure that if you are opting DIY that the grilling isn’t done during the game. Asking someone (other than a paid chef) to BBQ while the game’s on will get you disqualified from your friendship group. It will mean next year you will have to hang with Jobe Watson and Gary Lyon and that uncle with the funky underarm odour.

Rule 2 – You can never over cater…

It’s a long day and let’s be honest, by 5pm the drinking games would have well and truly begun so it’s important to make sure the catering lasts the game and beyond.

Get your group their lunch feed before the game starts so you’re fully focussed on the screen and your drink. And don’t forget round 2… make sure you have platters on hand for when the players are hungry later on in the evening. Or better still, make sure you have enough BBQ catering for dinner at 7pm… now that is how the experts cater and your mates will think you are the Mesiah!

Rule 3 – Don’t forget the annoying friends with those special requirements.

Never heard of a vegan before? Do you think that Gluten may have been the name of a former Prime Minister? That’s ok, just tell your caterer about your exotic friends and we’ll make sure they are looked after with delicious alternatives.

Rule 4 – Get creative with drinks

If your drinks menu is beer, followed by more beer and then a little beer after that, hey that’s fine by us. But we do live in the craft beer capital of the country. So along with the usual safe choices why not add in a few lesser-known names.

And with the weather looking divine get a little ‘exotic’ with pitchers and punches. The great thing about this is you can make them ahead of time like the Perfect Pitcher Margarita, Strawberry Gin Smash or Bourbon Mint Lemonade. Or better yet hire one of our bartenders to run this for you.

Rule 5 – and lastly…don’t forget the ‘tools of the trade’

Well there are really only 2 that can make or break a successful Grand Final Party.

1 – A BBQ

2 – A really big TV

No BBQ, no worries with Your Private Chef as we can hire this for you, deliver it, clean it and take it away faster than you can say ‘goooooooaaaaal’. We can also take care of things like glassware, a full bar set up, tables, chairs, even heating if the sun forgets it’s springtime.

With number 2…well what can we say, no one ever made friends with a small TV. To be captain of the clan we suggest setting up a second TV outside so you can keep your screen close to your snags. Winner!!

Pick Your Favourite Your Private Chef BBQ Menu and order online to save time:

The Aussie Sizzle $11pp

Look What’s Sizzling $13pp

The Get Together $17.50pp

Build Your Own Burger Station $22pp

A Gourmet BBQ $26pp

Let’s Celebrate $35.50pp

Crème de la crème $48pp

Canapes on the Grill from $18pp

Ready Steady Cook from $15.50pp

Breakfast BBQ $22

Kids BBQ’s from $6.60pp

(LINK – https://order.yourprivatechef.com.au/items/category/bbq-packages)

Or try the new Spit Roast Menu https://order.yourprivatechef.com.au/items/folder/spit-roast