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How To Throw A Perfect Product Launch Party

Launching a new product is a big deal for a lot of businesses. By the time the new product or service is ready, endless hours of research and development have been put in, and most of the time customers are promised something special is on the way.

So, a lot rests on throwing an exceptional party or corporate event to mark the new product’s arrival.

At Your Private Chef we’ve provided corporate catering and event management in Melbourne for years. With special expertise and experience in supporting product launch parties, here are our top tips for hosting an event your guests will love:

1. What’s The Point?

It’s a simple question that can be deceptively hard to answer. What is the point of your event, what is its purpose, what do you expect to happen? (Okay, those are another three questions). What we’re saying is that before calling your corporate caterers and event managers, you need to be clear about why you’re hosting a launch party. Is it purely to generate buzz, to connect with influencers or to obtain a whole bunch of pre-sales?

The answer to these questions will help shape the style and size of your product launch event. For example, if your aim is to convince influencers that your new product will change the game, a sit-down dinner may be appropriate.

Conversely, if your aim is to generate excitement and your target audience is young – something more casual and edgy could be appropriate (DJ and jumping castle, anyone?)

2. Where’s The Party At?

Choosing your venue, particularly location, is critical. At Your Private Chef we work with corporate clients to find a venue in Melbourne that will suit their style, budget and guest demographic. We have a number of venue partners across the city, meaning greater cost effectiveness and assurance that things will run smoothly. Remember, think carefully about where your guests live/work and choose a location for your product launch that will be easily accessed by the majority.

3. Make An Impression With Catering

Many corporate catering services in Melbourne apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to their menu options. We think a little differently. Your new product is special and so the food you serve to guests should be too. As such, we’ll work with you to develop a menu that compliments the style of your event and guests. You can even try before you buy.

Catering should be creative, so think outside the box with food ideas. On the drinks front, if you’re serving alcohol make sure you’ve got appealing non-alcoholic options too. We also recommend hiring hospitality staff for the event to help serve everything professionally (we can assist with this too).

4. Little Things Count

Little details make a big difference, from invitations to the decorations used on the night. At Your Private Chef our event stylists work with your team to come up with a theme for your launch party (if you haven’t chosen one already). We can then assist you to broadcast your theme across the launch party, appealing to all senses.

You’ve put in the work to develop and market a brand new product. Now it’s time to get everyone else as excited about it as you are.
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