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In need of last-minute Christmas catering? Call Your Private Chef now!

What does your Christmas routine look like this year?

If it’s anything like ours, it probably involves a lot of running around the kitchen, frantic schedules and last-minute shopping trips. Even people who aren’t professional caterers will be intimately familiar with this!

Make no mistake, Christmas parties can be a major headache to organise at the best of times – so there’s nothing worse than having a last-minute Christmas party sprung on you!

And if you’re the poor soul responsible for organising said last-minute party… well, let’s just say it’s enough to make you have second thoughts about Christmas (even if just for a second!)

Given how busy this time of the year is, preparing the perfect Christmas feast for your last-minute shindig can be nearly impossible.

Fortunately, you don’t need to let this put a dampener on your holiday spirit!

Call Your Private Chef for Christmas catering – we will be the helper elf to your Santa Claus!

Last minute Christmas feast with the family

A family that eats together, stays together!

In today’s world, this sentiment has never been more important. The rush to work or school, social commitments, and overtime all fight for your attention – not to mention screens being everywhere nowadays.

So for many, Christmas can be the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time and simply be with family.  

Of course, we all have that one family member. You know the one: the one that shows up unannounced and forces you to hustle to get some sort of party together. It might even be the whole clan that declares that they are all coming over for a Christmas meal at the last minute!

And if you’re really unlucky, your meticulously-planned Christmas feast might e ruined by a missing ingredient, a broken over, or worst of all, a simple mistake. 

What are you meant to do in these situations?

Fortunately, if you need help, you’ve come to the right place – for all your last minute Christmas catering needs, you can trust Your Private Chef!  We offer huge range of delicious Christmas dining options that can can be delivered quickly for your surprise Christmas event.

Christmas BBQ catering with the family

When we think of Christmas, most of us have this image of a white, winter wonderland and of chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

However, unlike our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, we Aussies are blessed with a summer Christmas. And while some might decry the heat, we like to think of it as an opportunity to create entirely new and uniquely Australian celebrations, like the classic Aussie barbeque!

Summer down under is the best time to be outdoors – so why not take the opportunity to combine Christmas with that staple of Australian summers?

Since we’re talking about an outdoor Christmas feast, why not check out Your Private Chef’s amazing selection of barbeque catering packages?

We have variety of packages available that’ll suit your family’s unique taste buds – from our Breakfast BBQ package to our Creme de la Crema pack.

Spit roasts to share

If you’re leaning towards something naturally delicious and gluten-free, our Spit Roast package is the perfect Christmas feast that you can share with the family. Not only does it taste fantastic – it looks it too!

Our selection of delectable meats that have been carefully crafted and prepared in our kitchen:

  • Grass-fed yearling beef porterhouse

  • Rosemary studded boneless leg of lamb

  • Crispy skin rolled loin of pork

Our spit roasts are more than just meat, however – each package comes with gourmet salads, gravies and house made bread rolls to make a complete Christmas meal.

Order our Spit Roast catering now!

Hot and cold platters – perfect for sharing at Christmas!

Christmas is a time of sharing and there’s nothing quite like sharing our hot and cold Christmas platters.

We have an assorted mix of hot and cold platters for you and the whole family can share.

We’ve got all the classics: from hot platters of pasta and baked potatoes to our refreshing Christmas cold platters.

Order them individually or to add a bit of colour to your Christmas party!


Corporate Christmas party in the (St) Nick of time

We’ve all been there.

The year’s wrapping up.

Work is winding down – and even if you’ve got a week left, your mind has already left the building!

You’re finally going to have enough time away from work to look after yourself and spend some time with your family.

All that’s left is to cruise through until the last week or so of December and then you can fully indulge in the festive season!

But what if you’ve been tasked with organising a last-minute Christmas party at work?

Organising a Christmas event can be stressful even with ample warning, let alone only a few days!

And if you only have a week to get things organised, it can turn what should be the calmest part of the year into an absolute nightmare!

You’ve worked hard all year. Surely you deserve a break.

If you need help last-minute corporate catering, look no further than Your Private Chef!

Christmas buffet

At Your Private Chef, we’re committed to delivering Unforgettable Food Experience for any kind of event or celebration.

In our opinion, there’s not much that comes close to buffet dining for Christmas… after all, Christmas is all about opening up, spending time with others and becoming close. That’s the beauty of buffet: it encourages mingling, centred around great food! Cut the assigned seats, give people the freedom to move around the room, and remove limits on what you put on your plate – what’s not to love?

Our ‘Tis the season buffet package might be just the ticket. Crafted from a mix of iconic Christmas classics, this package is sure to get people talking.

A delectably roasted turkey breast glazed in our spiced apricot glaze and Porterhouse beef crusted in our cracked pepper seasoning form the nucleus of our Christmas buffet. And you can choose to pair them with our healthy salad offerings like:

  • Baked root vegetable, pumpkin, sweet potato & carrot with touch of brown sugar and cinnamon

  • Moroccan chickpea salad with baby spinach, pickled carrot, coriander, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, orange juice, currants, cumin, tahini & olive oil

  • Gourmet coleslaw with red & white cabbage, mint, lemon zest, parsley, sumac, roasted walnuts & a light creamy dressing

Searching for the best Christmas catering in Melbourne?

Your Private Chef is one call away!

Apart from being the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is also one of the busiest: parties, presents and holidays… oh my! For many of us, the silly season should really be called the busy season!

And it only gets worse if you’re sprung with unexpected guests… or worse, your food plans fall through completely!

In these situations, finding the ideal caterer for your last-minute Christmas catering can seem like an impossible task – after all, most places close for the holidays. Where are you meant to turn?

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far to find the right help to get your Christmas back on track… talk to Your Private Chef now for Christmas catering!

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