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Need last minute wedding catering? Say “I Do” to Your Private Chef!

Your wedding is one of the most momentous and memorable events in your life. So every detail needs to be absolutely perfect.

No doubt you’ll have been running yourself ragged in the lead-up to your big day, organising a venue, dress and, of course, the cake! After all, it’s only the most important day of your life so far, so we certainly don’t blame you for taking an active role in the planning and wanting everything to go smoothly.

But what happens when things don’t go according to script? Do you have a Plan B?

The more people involved in a plan, the more points of failure there are for something to go horribly wrong. And weddings are certainly no exception. It could be a problem with the photographer, the venue… or worst of all, the caterer!

Who are you going to call for last minute wedding catering?

Lucky for those living in Melbourne (and the rest of Victoria), there’s no need to worry – Your Private Chef is here to save the day! You could, in fact, that emergency catering and Your Private Chef are a match made in heaven.

Emergency wedding catering

Food can make or break or break an event. So why should you settle for subpar food for the most important event of your life?

If your wedding caterer fails you at the last minute (for whatever reason), don’t panic. True, it’s a pretty dramatic setback…but all isn’t lost just yet.  We’ve got your back, after all!

We don’t mean to brag, but when it comes to wedding catering, our range of dining options you can choose from is exquisite

Whether you’re tying the knot in and small and intimate wedding with only a dozen or so guests or planning a grandiose celebration for hundreds, we’ll have a menu that fits your style, personality… and most important of all, your schedule!

Your Private Chef excel at working under pressure, so no matter the circumstances, we’ll work hard to deliver catering on your special day, even at the last minute.

Some menus you might consider include…

Food stations

Food stations are the hottest catering trend, soaring in popularity! They’re popping up at a variety of events due to their versatility and most of all, because of how incredible they look!

We recommend teaming a stunning grazing food station with a couple of additional hot and cold hearty platters for a great (and more cost-efficient) alternative to a formal sit-down wedding dinner.

Wedding fine dining

If you’re looking have a classier spin for your wedding reception, we have a three-course sit down dinner menu that’s perfect for you.

Take your guests on a culinary journey like no other! Our formal dining menu features stunning entrées, mains, and desserts that rival any Michelin-star restaurant.

We have solid relationships with many of Melbourne’s best wedding venues, and we work closely with you to create a customised three-course dining menu.

You can trust us to reflect the intimate and elegant vision that you have for your wedding, even on super short notice!

Wedding banquet

For food that brings your guests together, you can’t go past a banquet!

Wedding receptions were never meant to be quiet events where guests keep to their own tables – they’re about connecting, and celebrating together.  So instead of isolating your guests at their tables, encourage them to chat and mingle with our family-style shared dining banquet!

The beautiful thing about banquet dining is that it combines the elegance of seated three-course dining with intimate, family-style sharing.  They’re a social event within an existing event!

Let us help you create a beautiful banquet menu that reflects your style, budget, and taste.  Find more info on our banquet dining style here.

Dessert buffet

There’s always room for dessert (it’s scientifically proven, in fact!)  For many of us, dessert is the highlight of any function.  So why not top your big day off with a finisher to match?

Keen to stick to tradition with an elegant tiered wedding cake? We can help you out!

Interested in something a little quirkier?

Why not indulge in our fruit and flower adorned cheese tower?

We have curated a selection of the finest Artisan cheeses in the world for your wedding guests to nibble on. Combine our stunningly presented arrangements of cheese wheels, fruits and flowers with a classy bottle of red for a finish that will certainly leave an impression on your wedding guests.

Want to stick with something sweet? Cap your wedding feast off with our delightful dessert buffet. Donut walls are the latest wedding trend popping up on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds; not only do they look amazing, they’re oh-so-tasty, too.

Need emergency catering for your wedding?

Get in touch with Your Private Chef today!

Your Private Chef caters for weddings of all shapes, sizes and styles – anywhere across Victoria!

And best of all, we’re ready to provide excellent food prepared by a team of gourmet chefs, even on extremely short notice! You can trust us to deliver the goods on time, even under immense pressure.

We can also help with event styling and waitstaff.

If you need emergency wedding catering, don’t panic. Instead, give us a call right now! Speak to Ana now: (03) 9018 9321.

We are proud to be a 2017 Independent Caterer finalist of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA).