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Melbourne food and wine festival 2014

Can you hear the cheers from Melbourne food and wine lovers? The event we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014.

Every year the Festival reminds us of the role Australia’s great quality produce plays in our cooking. But not everyone can cook like the chefs in the Festival. The reality is that all of us can use some extra help now and then. Sometimes, there simply aren’t enough hours in your day to feed yourself the fresh, natural, organic foods you deserve!

Luckily our vegetarian catering Melbourne can help with any of the dietary and health-food needs you and your guests might have with. We provide the vegetarian catering Melbourne has been waiting for! Your Private Chef spends hours researching, planning and thinking about what you like to eat. We take into consideration your unique tastes, dietary requirements and lifestyle when planning your custom menu. As a result, we serve up the most nutritious and delectable vegetarian and vegan menu options.

And the most essential ingredient in all this? Our passion for good quality food.

What to Expect of this Food Festival

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2014 hits our culinary capital with a virtual smorgasbord of our country’s premium produce and a who’s who of celebrity chefs and winemakers. For 17 glorious days from 28 February to 16 March, you can eat, drink and be merry. (As if you needed another excuse!)

This year’s theme is ‘water’, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean only fish and seafood is on the menu! There’s a whole feast of events in Melbourne and the region. And true to the festival’s watery theme, this year the festival hub can be found on the Yarra in the form of a floating barge bar, open-kitchen eatery and skyline community space. We’ll see you there!

Our Recommendations for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014

We’ve perused the menu and here’s Your Private Chef’s pick of the best vegetarian friendly events (some of them are also gluten free!):

Water, wheat & wine: Relax lakeside for a two-course lunch at Philip Lobley Wines and learn about the making of sourdough bread and wine from a wheat farmer, an artisan baker, and an expert vigneron.

Willows, wilderness & wine: Tuck into Ezard’s completely new five course vegetarian menu at the Caledonia Australis vineyards in Leongatha, South Gippsland, and listen to the stories of lifelong vegetarian, sustainability advocate and winemaker Mark Matthews. Also a gluten free event!

Dancing with the tides: Exotic north-east Africa is the inspiration for this feast of stews and platters capped off with a coffee ceremony. Enjoy Ethiopian stews, both mild and spicy, meat and vegetarian served alongside a platter of injera bread. Gluten free also available.

The Foodscray Race: You can always count on Lentil As Anything for some good hearty fun! Grab the kids and set off on a mission is to search for the missing ingredients that complete the symmetry of Vietnamese, African and Indian soups. Oh and you’ll get to eat them too.

The 2014 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival promises to be tastier than ever! Can’t wait? Check out https://www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au