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Packed Lunch

Maybe you’ve never thought twice about it, but bringing lunch from home can save almost $2000 a year. Eating out during breaks is usually a by-product of our busy schedules. Everyone seems to be running late, with no time to pack or cook the night before. These days, around 82% of Australians are spending their hard earned money on lunch or snacks at work with an average of $18 to $25 per day.

If you’re going for a fast food option: meals can start at $10 but if you’re sitting down for a meal, add another $10 to that calculation.
Now you may be thinking that, that isn’t too bad for lunch, but eating out every day can really hit our hip pockets. We all struggle and say that we don’t have time; but there is a simple and cost-effective way to organize your meals for the work week. Ordering your lunches online, in packs, will mean you’re always prepared and will save you money every day. Apart from that, these packs are handmade and not heavily fried or processed.
Buying meals beforehand avoids all the prep work, cooking and cleaning. Plus there are the added perks of having a variety of quality foods and never having to wait in line at the shops with every other worker on their lunch break. Think of it as your own private catering, and starting at $8 a meal, it’s the type of food catering we can get behind. Rather than buying that tired sandwich from the corner store, tuck into a hearty minestrone or some perfectly grilled chicken with sweet potato mash.
Lunch should never be boring and sometimes it is the only break we can grab during our busy work day. Unfortunately, not all businesses offer quality office catering so take the time to enjoy a home cooked meal, without the hassle.