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Professional wedding catering: ditch the DIY and leave it to the pros!

Picture it:

You’ve spent months planning the perfect wedding.

You’ve got the dress, suits, venue, photographer, music, and guest list sorted. It’s looking like everything is going to go perfectly.

And of course, you can’t forget the food. While you decided against professional wedding catering, you’re certain your DIY menu will do the job.

But there’s a problem: your DIY wedding catering isn’t delivering what you’re expecting.

Perhaps the friend in charge has dropped out at the last minute. Maybe there’s not enough to go around. It could even be that the food is simply not up to scratch!

Whatever the cause, the end result is the same: your vision of DIY wedding catering doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. You feel a heavy sense of disappointment.

Before this vision turns into reality, return to that moment you decided you’d handle catering, and take the otherpath!

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Our private chefs creating culinary delights!

Avoid food nightmares with professional wedding catering!

Done properly, DIY wedding catering adds to the magic of your big day. We understand that there’s something extra special about having all the food be prepared by you, your friends and your family.

That’s the catch though: they need to be done properly. And not all of us are close friends with chefs and caterers!

Trying to decide between DIY catering and professional wedding catering? Here are just some of the reasons you should go with the pros!

Reason #1: Good wedding catering requires preparation and planning

One of the services we offer is emergency wedding catering. Between you and I, we’ve unfortunately seen some of the worst-case scenarios pan out when it comes to wedding catering disasters.

And in many cases, problems are the result of poor planning.

Professional wedding caterers have plenty of experience preparing for weddings – functions like yours are our bread and butter, after all.

While your friends and family might be good cooks, do they have the organisation skills needed to prepare and serve food for such a vast number of guests?

Take it from us: wedding catering is a completely different world from cooking dinner! Wedding caterers need to worry about:

  • Volume – do you have enough food for all of your guests?
  •  Quality – are they good enough to prepare a large quantity of food without sacrificing quality?
  • Resources – the typical home kitchen simply isn’t big enough to handle wedding catering volume
  • Timing – ever marvelled at how all those dozens of meals are served within seconds of each other? It’s all in the planning!

Professional caterers can guarantee each of those things. On the other hand, your friends and family cannot.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Put your wedding menu in the hands of a professional caterer to avoid a poorly planned out wedding menu.

Reason #2: Professional wedding catering elevates your reception to the next level

In our eyes, customer service goes beyond how responsive your caterer is and their phone manner. It extends to everything your wedding caterer does for you, including additional extras and options.

Here’s an example: what do you do if some of your guests have strict dietary requirements? For most of us, that means adding menu items that accommodate for their requirements.

It’s hard to work around an allergy or other requirement when you have no experience yourself. Cross-contamination and ingredient selection aren’t something most of us have to deal with normally – and is it something you’re willing to risk?

When you choose professional wedding catering however, you can be confident that your caterer will bend over backwards to accommodate all of your guests and their specific requirements.

Additionally, many wedding caterers also offer additional services. At Your Private Chef, we offer new couples a range of extras, including:

We understand that customer service goes beyond the initial phone call. We know how important your big day is and go beyond, just for you.

That’s what you get when you choose a professional wedding catering service!

Reason #3: Sending guests home with rumbling stomachs: not enough food

Running out of food during your wedding is one of the worst things that can happen at your wedding, leaving a real sour taste in guests’ mouths.

It’s disheartening to find out that some of your guests had to stop off at a fast-food restaurant on the way home to relieve their hunger due to under-catering from your amateur cooks.

Professional caterers have years of experience preparing the right quantity of food to satisfy large numbers of guests – in fact, at Your Private Chef, we’ve even catered for 1000 people at the 2017 Croatian President VIP dinner! You don’t get that sort of experience from your friends.

Don’t DIY – choose professional wedding catering

We get it, we really do – doing something yourself (or with friends and family) feels great. It makes you feel accomplished and brings you closer together during the process!

That’s no big deal when it’s something simple like putting together an Ikea bookshelf.

When it comes to your wedding however, it’s not a risk you’ll want to take: it also comes with the risk of making mistakes, under-catering, and feeling immense pressure to get it right.

No matter your wedding style or dining budget, we’ll work with you to create the perfect menu that reflects your preferences. Our various menus can all be accommodated for weddings, and some of our most popular include:

  • 3-course dinners
  • Buffets
  • Family-style shared dining
  • Band-on-trend food stations
  • Cocktails and canapes
  • Gourmet BBQ

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