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The heartiest winter dishes from our gourmet meal delivery menu

Winter certainly brings out the inner bear in us, as we want to stay home more to warm up the body and soul with comfort foods and warming meals like soups and casseroles.

We crave nutrient dense and heavier meals to give us energy and yet with the daily grind of work and the drudge of the shorter daylight hours we lack the time to cook these time consuming classics each night.

Often, the last thing you feel like doing when you finally arrive home after a long day is to start preparing dinner!

Combine that with forcing yourself to attend a post-work gym sesh, shuttling the kids to their after-school activities, and the general running of the household, and you mightn’t be eating dinner until after 8 or 9 in the evening!

That’s where gourmet meal delivery comes into its own! The convenience of freshly prepared meals delivered to your door – and best of all, prepared within minutes – is saving families, couples, and individuals hundreds of hours a year!

Some of our gourmet meal delivery comfort food classics, perfect for winter, include:

Gnocchi with Napoli sauce and baby spinach

Deliciously cooked potato gnocchi with our famous Napoli sauce is a serious crowd favourite.

Chef David has spent most of his career in Italian fine dining establishments, both in Melbourne and abroad, and he has seriously nailed this dish! The kids will love it too. Order now!

Italian Button mushroom risotto with peas and fresh herbs

The perfect meal for one!

Alternatively, share with the family as a side dish to compliment your YPC lamb shanks dish. (Mmm… lamb!)

Buy this classic in our I Love Carbs Pack, or on its own with your mix and match variation.

Croatian beef goulash with potato dumplings

Our head chef’s family recipe will leave you feeling warmed and nourished!

Order beef goulash, just like baba used to make, as part of our Casserole and Curry Pack or in our European Pack.

Alternatively, order on its own with your own mix and match.

Paleo butter chicken with cauliflower rice

This healthier Paleo inspired variation on the traditional heavy classic is both gluten and dairy free… but you would never know it!

Chef David really has created a beautifully balanced dish here. Are you drooling? Find it in the Taste of Asia Pack or on its own with your mix and match variation.

Enjoy the best winter meals and comfort foods as part of your gourmet meal delivery order

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Our Gourmet Meal Delivery service occurs every Tuesday between 2pm and 7pm.

Warm up during the chilly months with our favourite winter meals. Place your order online here for fast service Weekly Gourmet Meals!