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Revealed: 3 themed events that will never go out of fashion

Themed events are taking Melbourne by storm. Last year it was 1920s style events inspired by the lavishness of The Great Gatsby. Before that, it was all about the side-slicked hair of Mad Men. What will it be in 2014, we wonder…?

Luckily, there are some event themes that never age and never fail to create an event to remember. Here are our top tips on how to recreate them:


If there’s any nation that knows how to throw a great fiesta, it’s Mexico. A fiesta is a great choice when you’re after a casual event where you can kick back with a pitcher of margaritas and good amigos. Tequila anyone?

Décor: It doesn’t take much to set the scene for a Mexican themed party. Bright yellows, reds and oranges, authentic hand-cut papel picado (“perforated paper”), and rustic serving plates will instantly bring the Mexican flavour.

Catering: When you think of Mexican food, we bet tacos, guacamole, salsa, dips and chips come to mind. But really, Mexican food is about the freshest ingredients that come alive in your mouth: mango, chilli, jalapenos, tomatoes, shrimps, and avocado. Serve sharing platters and little bites for a true fiesta feel.

Entertainment: Why not go all out and make a piñata?


Hawaiian parties or feasts, known as luaus, are well and truly in vogue for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any celebration for that matter! And these days it doesn’t have to be all grass skirts, pineapples and ukuleles – with the right catering and styling, you can create a beautiful luau themed party for adults and kids alike.

Décor: You can’t go wrong with fresh colours, exotic flowers, bamboo and lanterns. But remember, less is more!

Catering: A luau is all about the food. It does mean ‘feast’ after all! Think beautiful fresh flavours from fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables. And when it comes to serving, don’t line your platters with grass. Instead, choose large leaves, like banana or palm. Pineapple tops, slices of citrus and edible flowers provide the perfect finishing touch.

Entertainment: A hula lesson is a great way to get the party started island style. The dance’s kâholo is sure to get hips swinging and everyone laughing!


Italians are world-renowned as the gods of cuisine, so it’s no wonder the Italian theme is so popular for events, whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or a celebration with friends and family.

Décor: While you could choose to go down the chequered tablecloth route, there are many other more creative ways to evoke the Italian spirit. Earthy, rustic tones are wonderfully subtle. And apothecary vases filled with colours pastas of all shapes and sizes make an easy yet eye-catching centrepiece.

Catering: Grilled antipasto platters, seafood, meat, pasta, pizza – you name it, Italian cuisine covers it all. For dessert, coffee, tiramisu and ice cream are the ultimate Italian indulgences. And you can wash it all down with Italy’s first choice in fizz, prosecco.

Entertainment: There’s nothing that screams Italy like a playlist encompassing the Italian opera greats, Pavarotti and Bocelli. You could also engage your guests in a game of tressette, scopa or briscola…(just Google it!)

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