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Treat your team and refuel the office with Your Private Chef’s corporate lunch catering!

As the new year kicks in, resolutions are made and commitments are renewed.

And perhaps one of the most popular New Year’s resolution is getting healthy.

When we talk about getting healthy, we don’t just mean working out, and we’d rather avoid those crash diets. Instead, we want to focus on eating better, wherever we are.

If you’re thinking how you can you can keep your resolution even when confined in the four corners of your office space, Your Private Chef has a great idea that you and your team will love – corporate lunch catering.

Celebrate a birthday or work anniversary or simply treat your team on any other weekday to a delicious and fresh lunch from Your Private Chef!

Explore some of our favourite office and corporate catering options below…

Lunch is delivered! Office catering

We’re sure you’re all familiar with the dreaded 3pm slump – we feel our brains have turned to mush, we crave junk food, and productivity has virtually flown out the window. And it’s even worse on a Friday!

Some office mistakes you might be making that contribute to the 3pm slump include:

  • Skipping lunch altogether
  • Bypassing carbs in your lunch
  • Eating at your desk

Our diet is one of the major reasons why feel tired after lunch. We rush lunch, hardly stepping away from the desk and wolfing down a quick (and often unhealthy) meal. This feeling of lethargy after eating impacts productivity and efficiency.

Now imagine every single member of your team falling into this slump. Safe to say productivity will take a real hit!

It’s time to indulge in healthy and delicious corporate lunch catering courtesy of Your Private Chef to boost team morale, and energise them for a productive afternoon.

Why not treat the team to lunch once a month?

Individual lunch boxes for everyone

Your team will love our perfectly portioned lunch boxes. Use them as an excuse to catch up for an afternoon and enjoy some non-work chatter!

Some of our favourite packs include:

  • The Ploughman’s lunch box, filled with ham, salami, grilled chicken, cheese, and more
  • Our Taste of Asia lunch box, where you’ll enjoy rice paper rolls, sushi, Asian salad, fruit, ad a drink
  • The Hearty Lunch box, filled with ribbon sandwiches, a baguette, finger food, cheese, and a drink

Sandwich platters

Baguettes, rolls, bagels – oh my! With so many amazing options to pick from, we recommend choosing a few of each of our sandwich platters. Some options include:

  • The classic chicken and spring onion ribbon sandwiches
  • Finger sandwiches filled with premium meats (vegetarian options available, too!)
  • Point sandwiches filled with fresh and yummy fillings
  • Our Dorchester Hotel collection is filled with 5 varieties of finger sandwiches guaranteed to delight your whole team

View the entire collection here, and order online now!

Mix and match platters catering

Our corporate clients love the versatility offered with our delicious hot and cold platters.

Professionally plated, our platters make the task of serving effortless! Some of our favourite hot and cold platters that corporates choose again and again include:

  • Grilled Atlantic salmon, marinated in our Asian sauce
  • Tender lamb cutlets, char grilled to perfection
  • Cold Cajun chicken breast, ready to serve cold or can be heated

We also recommend combining a couple of hot and cold hearty platters with some sides, including:

  • A medley of European-style vegetables
  • Tuscan roasted chat potatoes
  • Mac & cheese

Spit roast and BBQ catering

Who said a BBQ was only good for the weekend?

BBQ catering is one of our most popular corporate menus, as it gives teams the opportunity to interact in a more casual atmosphere, away from the formality of work!

With Your Private Chef, you can choose a fully staffed event experience, or opt to have your BBQ catering delivered to your door, ready for grilling.

Browse out BBQ menus here.

Our spit roast catering options perfectly blend a casual feast with sophisticated dining. As above, you can also choose a fully staffed event, or delivery only.

Our spit roast catering package includes:

  • A variety of roast meat
  • Gravies and sauces
  • Sides, including potato salad, Greek salad, slaw, and couscous

Say goodbye to the post-lunch slump at the office!

Order fresh and delicious corporate lunch catering for your team!

Corporates, we invite you to order your free Corporate Sample Box! Contact us here.

Treat your team to a tasty lunch reward, be it a monthly delight to look forward to, or reserved for special occasions (including birthdays, workaversaries, or other company milestones).

Browse our extensive corporate menus and order online today! Alternatively, fill in this form or give our office a call on (03) 9018 9321.