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Grazing tables have hit Melbourne’s culinary scene with a bang, and show no signs of slowing down. A grazing table is just like a cheese and charcuterie board, except much, much bigger. The greater the occasion, the more opulent the grazing station. It’s hard to imagine a time before our Instagram feeds were filled with enviable, sprawling grazing spreads, set up to suit any occasion. Grazing tables are no longer just for weddings and bridal showers and are quickly becoming a staple at office and corporate events. Instead of opting for the routine catered experience, grazing tables offer a distinctive feasting experience that will have all your guests talking.

What sets grazing tables or stations apart from a typical platter, is their aesthetic. While the general consensus is to stack them high and spread them wide, grazing tables are unique in the fact that they can be created to reflect the theme and decor of the occasion.

The key to creating an effective grazing table lies in nailing a cohesion of flavours and textures. The indigents should look great and taste even better, but they also need to couple with the rest of the table in perfect symmetry.

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Aside from the spectacle, grazing tables are a fantastic way to encourage communal culinary delight. Grazing tables are the centrepiece of an event, a common area where guests are able to share, meet and interact.

In a corporate or office setting this is especially pertinent to sustaining team morale and encouraging collaboration. Grazing tables are a meeting place where friends, co-workers and family can interact in a warm, casual, relaxed environment. They also take the hard work out of a sit-down meal, giving you more time to have fun with your guests.

The colours, tastes and abundance of indigents on a grazing table convey a sense of generosity and openness to your employees. It works to make your guests feel welcome and valued, whilst also satisfying their appetites.

Grazing tables are seriously trending at the moment and having one for your next office party or corporate do can help your company to appear trendy and relevant. It may also get you a few more followers, with grazing tables being one of the most Instagrammed food items.

Considering having a grazing table at your next corporate or personal event? They’re so versatile that they can be created to represent your occasion. Here are our top tips for creating a grazing table your guests won’t be able to stop talking about:

Pick A Theme

Antipasto Grazing
The theme is everything when it comes to grazing tables. Not only does it dictate what ingredients will be used, but it also provides a blueprint for the colour scheme and props. The theme should always be reflective of the event itself, as the grazing table will set the vibe and mood of the event. Often it’s the first thing guests will notice as they walk in, and this impression will set the tone for the rest of the event.

Picking a theme may also come down to the time and place of the event. A Brunch Grazing Station, for example, would be suited to the morning and could be used while hosting a charity brunch or impressing potential clients. A High Tea Grazing Table could be used for afternoon events like an office celebration.


New Grazing Table
Themes and styles are often conjoined when creating a grazing station. For example, you may select a rustic Mediterranean theme for the station and would select foods, serving platters and props that reflect the region and the style. Mediterranean themes are extremely popular as they can be used as a stand-alone light lunch option or be used for a more formal event as an entrée before a catered dinner.


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