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We Need To Talk About Christmas – Your Ultimate Checklist For The Month Ahead

There’s no way to sugar coat this – Christmas is coming soon, like, real soon.

And that’s exciting! But, for many of us, it also sends a shiver down our spines. How on earth will we manage everything we need to do without wiping years off our life expectancy through stress in the process?

Here are some tips, in strategic order too!
1.Bake and Freeze

Unexpected guests, Christmas catch-ups and warm moments around the tree are pretty common this time of year. Baking (un-iced) biscuits, cakes and breads that you can freeze means you’ll always have deliciously moist goodies on-hand as you need them

2. Make a gift-list and ‘think big’

Create ‘a master gift list’ and brainstorm what the special people in your life like and dislike. Rather than running to the shops at the last minute, pick up presents as you see them. And by ‘think big’, we mean think about single gifts that will be useful collectively to families, couples or siblings – rather than stressing about getting something for every individual.

3. Sort out your catering

November and December are such a thrill for us as we prepare delicious food for all kinds of occasions. Our tip is to contact us early and prepare your catering in advance.  Whilst we always try our best to not let you down, Christmas one of those times where you can’t leave things to the last minute. In many cases certain dates are booked up months in advance, especially for staffed events. It is the silly season and it pays to plan ahead. We can always change menus and numbers closer to your special day (7 days is the buffer). The most important thing is to have your space allocated.

4. Order Online

Almost everything can be ordered online these days – including our range of delicious food. In fact, our entire Christmas catering menu, from canapes to buffets, is easily viewed and ordered from anywhere with an internet connection. If shopping for gifts, place your orders early enough to receive and wrap items before you need them.

5. Manage Your Money

Working out a rough Christmas budget of expected costs keeps you feeling under control. Not to sound clichéd, but there’s also a certain joy in remembering the ‘true meaning of Christmas’ at this time of the year. And what better way to celebrate this than reaching out to someone in need or donating to a charity.

Hopefully by now you’re feeling a little more prepared to have yourself a very Merry Christmas! And remember, for all your catering needs, we’re here for you whether you’ve been naughty or nice.