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Why choose a winter wedding: a wedding caterer’s opinion

They say summer is wedding season.

Of course, whoever came up with that probably never sweltered through an Aussie summer!

It should come as no surprise that spring is the most popular wedding season down under, with a whopping 37% of all weddingshappening during September and November.

Autumn follows closely behind, with 26% of all weddings happening at this time of the year.

You might then be surprised to learn that in this survey, summer and winter were almost neck-and-neck, with 19% and 18% of weddings, respectively.

Winter has long been regarded as an overlooked time of the year for nuptials, but the times are a-changing!

There are so many great benefits to consider a winter wedding. In fact, a properly executed winter wedding is just as good as any springtime espousal!

Why choose a winter wedding?

Sure, we mightn’t have the gorgeous snow that our friends in the northern hemisphere enjoy. But that doesn’t mean winter is completely without merit!

Here are just a couple of reasons to think about a wintertime wedding:

Better availability

Planning a springtime or autumn wedding can often mean calling venues ahead years in advance. Come winter however, and you might notice that it’s considerably easier to find a venue with availability in the off-season.

Not to mention, it’s usually cheaper too!

Photos that’ll last for years

What’s a wedding without the photos? Ask any wedding photographer and they’ll tell you that winter is the best season for photography, thanks to less glare and reflections, and better low-angled light.

You won’t have to fight for calendar space!

For many people, wintertime is a quiet season. Few choose winter weddings, and the same goes for other events and gatherings.

Not only is winter the best time if your friends and family have busy calendars, but it also means you won’t struggle to find time to celebrate all your upcoming anniversaries!

How to do a winter wedding

Tying the knot in the middle of the year is a unique experience. Of course, that means it also comes with its own considerations that you’ll need to keep in mind!

Dress for the occasion

Wintertime nuptials can be cold. Naturally, you’ll want to choose an ensemble with the cold in mind! For the ladies, think about:

  • Closed toed shoes (or have a spare pair on-hand)
  • Put on some thick tights – if you’ve chosen a long dress, your guests will never know!
  • Heavier materials, more layers, and sleeves will keep you warm

Fortunately for the gents, your wedding wardrobe is more winter-friendly. That said, it’s still worth:

  • Adding a longline coat to your ensemble (very classy)
  • Choosing darker colours for your suit
  • Donning a set of velvet gloves or a top hat

Consider sticking to a single venue

Cold weather means chilly air, rain, and heavier traffic.

Allow for extra travel-time to and from your ceremony to account for poor weather. This goes for not only your guests, but photographers, videographers, your celebrant, and other suppliers.

Better yet, you might like to consider keeping everything at the one venue. After all, no-one wants to go outside in the cold!

Embrace the atmosphere

It gets dark quite early during winter. Instead of repressing the dark, embrace it – decorate in warm, rich tones like burgundy, deep greens and blues, or even traditional tartan.

Think about light as well. Use candles and yellow lights to set a romantic mood – and if your venue has an open fireplace, even better!

Coat check

If you’re throwing a winter wedding, be sure to have a proper coat check at your reception venue.

Unlike a springtime wedding, your guests are going to be turning up with coats and umbrellas, and they’ll need a place to leave them (that’s not under the table or over the chair).

Set the menu: gourmet wedding catering for winter nuptials

The key words for a wintertime menu? Warm, hearty and filling.

If you want our advice, winter wedding catering is all about gourmet comfort food.

At Your Private Chef, our wedding menu offers a huge range of warm entrees and mains, whether you’re looking at fine dining or a family-style banquet dining – a hugely popular trend!

We’ll all about customisation, so why not combine a few of our menus to create a totally unique dining experience? Some popular add-ons include:

Get hearty hot platters to share

Nothing brings people together like sharing food! In addition to our gourmet buffet menu, you might like to also add several hot platters to your food stations.

  • Filling lasagne (we have vegetarian options, too!)
  • Slow-cooked lamb ribs and marinated drumsticks
  • Huge platters of filling risotto, gnocchi and other pasta
  • Casseroles and curry platters

Meat for all! Try one of our gorgeous spit roasts

Who doesn’t love a good roast?

Our spit roast package features:

  • Grass-fed yearling beef porterhouse
  • Boneless lamb, seasoned with rosemary and roasted to perfection
  • Crispy-skinned rolled pork loin
  • Generous platters of side salads, including filling potato salad, Greek salad and gourmet slaw
  • Your choice of condiments including beef sauce, mint sauce, seeded mustard and apple and cognac sauce
  • Homemade bread rolls

A (warm) toast to the happy couple!

Another idea is to offer a hot drink on arrival to keep your guests warm and cheery.

You can’t go wrong with classics like a hot drinks station offering tea, coffee or delectable hot chocolate to warm your guests up and set the mood.

But if you want something a bit more unique, you can always try our famous hot apple cider. It’s just like a liquid apple pie, except better – just heat and serve!

And what if your guest list includes a couple of self-identified wine connoisseurs? Serve them a glass of your delicious mulled wine. We have a warm red wine mixed with our secret blend of spices and seasonings that’s sure to impress.

Class up your reception with staffed catering

Do you need an extra pair on hands (or two) to set up your room, including tableware, decor, and equipment?

We can help! Our top-notch staff are hand-picked from across the hospitality industry for their skills and service.

Interested in wait staff for the full black-tie wedding experience? We’ve got you covered.

Need an experienced bartender for your wedding bar? We have them, too.

A truly Unforgettable Food Experience isn’t limited to just the food. Service matters too – fortunately, we can cover all your staffing requirements. Give us a call on (03) 9018 9321 to see what we can do for you!

Wedding catering for your winter nuptials

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At Your Private Chef, we know how important your wedding day is to you. Your wedding deserves the best – from the dress and the venue to the food and the honeymoon: it takes a lot of planning, but boy is it worth it!

And that includes the menu.

Whether you’re tying the knot this winter or waiting for the more-popular spring, make sure you get in touch with Your Private Chef to turn your dream winter wedding into a reality.

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