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Breakfast Delivery Melbourne

It’s true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here at Your Private Chef we firmly believe in setting yourself up for success. This means fuelling your body right. Our breakfast delivery packages are perfect for training days, corporate meetings, team-building or charity events or to stockpile for the times when there just isn’t enough time in the morning.

Our experienced chefs are dedicating to providing fresh and wholesome breakfast packages to start your day right. From our breakfast platters and spreads to our individual boxes, we have an extensive range of options to accommodate all preferences and dietary requirements. Whether you’re hosting a corporate breakfast or picnic with friends, our fast delivery guarantee will take the hard work out of breakfast catering.
Here at Your Private Chef, we combine real food with exceptional service to save your time and money. We focus on quality and conveniently package the food to optimise freshness and moveability. Our individual breakfast boxes are bundled in sustainable eco-boxes. Delivered warm (when applicable) and ready to serve, Your Private Chef creates unforgettable breakfast experiences.

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Our Guarantee


Our delivery service takes the hard work out of catering and comes with a quality and freshness guarantee. We service all of Melbourne and Victoria.

Delicious Options For Everyone

Our breakfast catering range will satisfy even the fussiest of guests! We accommodate all dietary requirements and can customise a package to your needs.

Flawless Service

We believe in a complete catering experience and pride ourselves on our outstanding service. Last minute catering emergency? Contact us. We work well under pressure to deliver you a flawless catering experience in even the most 'last minute' situation.