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Buffet Catering Melbourne

Buffet Catering Melbourne

For a beautiful shared meal experience where food is served in the centre of the table, family style, or on a separate table, buffet catering Melbourne-style, you can’t go past this elegantly opulent style of dining. This is an economical, intimate and engaging way to dine. With so many lovely menu options this style lends itself perfectly to a home wedding, a birthday or a corporate event where a shared ethos is front-runner!

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Staffed or delivered to your door

Our amazing hotbox technology ensures your delivery is piping hot on arrival, allowing you to put your feet up and just socialise. Alternatively, your buffet can be delivered cold to be reheated when you are ready.

Otherwise we can provide a personal chef for the evening who is there to prepare your buffet for you and serve hot (Please note minimum spend applies, enquire with our office).

Please contact us for a delivery fee for your area. xx

Peace of Mind is only one taste away

Sold on the idea of catering, yet feeling a little nervous about the cuisine quality and the presentation skills of your chef? We get it – food is such an important part of your event.

That’s why Your Private Chef offers a Peace of Mind Tasting session at our Prahran Kitchen for only $50 per person, maximum two people. Best of all, this amount is actually credited against your account when you book your event.

Call us to book in your tasting session on 03 9018 9321 or email info@

Beverage Packages Available

How about matching your meal with the perfect wine selection? Did you know we have a sommelier service? Let Your Private Chef take care f the whole party with our fantastic beverage packages. Whether it’s simply wine and beer your after or you would like us to make you a signature cocktail – we have it covered, including the equipment and staff to make your night truly memorable.

When you want to dazzle your guests with tasty dining options, you can’t go wrong with buffet catering in Melbourne. At Your Private Chef, we pay close attention to the smallest of details when crafting our catering buffet menus. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd of meat lovers or you want to impress the vegans in your life, there’s something in our range for you. All of our shared platters are perfect to help create an unforgettable buffet catering food experience, no matter the occasion.

Making sure your buffet catering ventures are a success

In an era where dietary tastes are more diverse than ever, making sure your buffet catering is a success can feel terrifying. That’s where we come in. Each buffet catering menu available from Your Private Chef accounts for the diverse selection of individuals who will attend your parties. With our help, creating a delightful shared eating experience for crowds of any size is no longer difficult.

Buffet catering with staff, or without?

Throwing a successful party often hinges on finding flexible services. That’s why we give you the option of adding staff to your buffet catering service or having it delivered directly to your door. If you do use our hotbox delivery service, we’ll make sure every hot dish is piping and delicious. As for the cold dishes, they’ll arrive at the perfect temperature too.

Try a tasting session before finalising your catering buffet menu

When you want to guarantee your party will be a hit, taking part in a tasting session can bring peace of mind. Before choosing your catering buffet menu, we provide the opportunity to enjoy a $50 per-person tasting session. When it comes to events such as weddings, this is an excellent way to decide which of our enticing collections you’ll serve to your guests.

At Your Private Chef, we’re always happy to discuss your catering needs. or email info@ for more information.