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Cafe Catering Melbourne

Here at Your Private Chef, we are committed to providing Unforgettable Food Experiences for you and your customers.As Melbourne’s leading caterer, we understand how good food and coffee drive this city’s café culture. We firmly believe Melbourne has the best cafes in the word and we are dedicated to preserving this legacy. We provide an extensive range of fresh and delicious packages that will have your patrons coming back for more.

Why Choose Us

We understand that each café has its own special point of difference, that’s why we work with you to curate a menu that best represents your business. Our chefs have years of experience in notable Melbourne cafes and restaurants and can apply this knowledge to your menu.

Our fast and efficient delivery means you can spend more time doing things that matter. We service all of Victoria and will ensure that your catered delivery is fresh and ready to serve.

For a cost-effective outsourcing alternative, look no further than Your Private Chef.

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Why Outsource Your Catering?


Deciding whether to outsource or manage food services in-house can be a difficult conundrum. Often the most successful cafes are the ones that are able to combine a mix of both. More and more, businesses are choosing to outsource their catering to improve their productivity. Outsourcing means that you are able to dedicate more time to perfecting your in-house specialities and your internal resources are better utilised in achieving this.

Leverage Skills

When partnering with a catering provider, your enlisting food professionals to complement your business. This means that you benefit from existing processors and standards that your business can leverage. It also means that compliance and safety considerations are guaranteed.

More Time For Your Customers

Implementing a reliable outsourcing system means that you can spend more time on improving your business and servicing your customers. Outsourcing your café catering gives you more time for innovation and team development.


Outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative that will see your business deliver a return on your investment. Not only will outsourcing your catering decrease your operational costs but it also saves you money on indigents and associated staff expenses.