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Corporate Lunch Catering

Gourmet bagels and sliders

Corporate Catering

Whether you’re congratulating and thanking staff, celebrating with clients, or trying to win a pitch, Your Private Chef will create an Unforgettable Food Experience…

  • We’ll make it easy for you
  • We’ll take away the stress
  • We will make you look good!
  • Your clients and colleagues will love it

Your Private Chef specialises in tailored corporate events catering, from boardroom lunches and conferences to seminars and trade shows. We’ve also got your breakfast and lunch meetings covered – even delicious corporate lunch boxes!

Choose Your Private Chef for corporate catering

  • Staff parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Product launches
  • Photo shoots
  • On-set productions
  • Private jets
  • Schools
  • Team building sessions
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Office Catering Melbourne

Your Private Chef is passionate about combining real food with outstanding service – that’s why our office catering is guaranteed to wow your staff and customers with our dedicated personal chef service.

We are careful about ‘keeping it real’, passionately creating real food for real people.

From business dinners to networking conferences – and everything in between! – Your Private Chef loves creating specialised corporate catering packages that are perfect for your special event.

Our chefs have dedicated many years to serving corporate clients and notable personalities who expect only the best from their food experiences.

Our dedication to food perfection, super-fast responsiveness to all kinds of ‘last-minute’ catering emergencies, and our desire to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy makes Your Private Chef Melbourne’s preferred corporate caterer.

Include Catering At Your Next Team-Building Event

It’s a no-brainer that employees like an event better when there's great food. But adding catering to a team-building event doesn’t just make your employees happy—it helps them feel more connected. Here are three reasons to centre your next team-building event around an office meal:

Create Tighter Employee Bonds

Full-time workers in Australia may spend more time at work than with their families. Providing office catering is a great incentive for colleagues to get to know each other on a personal level. For this reason, sharing a meal can create stronger working relationships. Psychologists who study behaviour in the workplace have found that socialising is necessary for productivity. It leads to wellbeing in the workplace that helps your bottom line.

Boost Employee Morale

A wholesome meal will make employees feel valued for the contribution they bring to the team. The simple act of pairing food with a team-building event makes employees feel appreciated. Employees feel more valued when you pay attention to their needs. This helps them to value one another. Employees are more likely to appreciate one another when they feel appreciated. When morale increases, so does workplace collaboration. So go ahead and reward your employees with some corporate catering at your next event. The positive effects of this meal will linger long after the food has left their stomachs.

Improve Attendance

Let’s face it: if team-building meetings are scheduled outside of office hours, your employees may be less likely to show. Scheduling during the lunch hour is even worse...unless you provide the meal! So, start a reputation for having stellar catering at these events. You might be surprised how many more seats you see filled.

And Another Thing... It’s Tax Deductible!

A catered lunch seems priceless when it comes to how great it can make the workplace feel. A catered lunch from Your Private Chef is cheaper on average than restaurant options in the area. But the best part? Catering lunches to a work meeting is a business expense: they’re tax deductible! Your Private Chef makes corporate catering in Melbourne fresh, easy and affordable. Let us help your employees reap the most benefits of your team-building event.