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Corporate Platter Catering

Corporate Platters Catering

Corporate Platters are the perfect solution for busy professionals wanting delicious and gourmet catering that appeases various tastes. Corporate platters make any meeting or event instantly flexible. Your Private Chef has an extensive menu of corporate gourmet platters, perfect for working meetings, studio or production shoots, staff parties and any other occasion where simply delicious bite-sized meals are the preference.

Your menus are delivered chilled and ready to reheat or choose a hot delivery in our temperature controlled boxes to be consumed upon delivery.

Looking for staff to serve and manage clean up? Then look no further, Your Private Chef wait staff and bar staff are ultra professional and are the perfect accompaniment to your corporate platters catering experience.

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Catering Platters Melbourne

Your Private Chef delivers its office catering right across Melbourne, servicing a variety of businesses from private jets to industrial estates, offices and schools and everything in between. No one has higher expectations for their catering platters Melbourne that we do and it shows in every way from the quality ingredients we use, to the presentation of our food and even our packaging. Enjoying your office catering starts with your eyes, which is why we always make sure that our catering platters are impeccably presented.

From Christmas parties through to award ceremonies, every business event is an opportunity to wow your guests and delight your employees. Much of your guests’ enjoyment will come from the food they eat. With that in mind, why not try one of our corporate platters? At Your Private Chef, we offer corporate platter catering that’ll tantalise the taste buds of even the most discerning guests.

Using a corporate platter catering service takes the stress out of your event

When you use a corporate platter catering service, you eliminate stress from your event. When you don’t need to dream up the perfect menu or provide additional staff, you can focus on important details such as presentations and entertainment.

At Your Private Chef, we do everything we can to make sure you impress your clients and employees. From providing staff to serve the food to ensuring your food arrives at the perfect temperature, each part of our service works towards guaranteeing perfection.

Decadent menus that’ll impress everyone in attendance

Whether you’re serving your food on a private jet or hosting a thriving staff party, our decadent menus will impress everyone in attendance. Even better still, you can come to us for a meal that suits any time of day.

Why not choose one of our breakfast boxes for those important morning meetings? Or, for something a little more refined, try one of our boardroom lunches. We blend outstanding food with the best service. By focusing on popular dishes that everyone enjoys, our approach to corporate platters is simple yet effective.

At Your Private Chef, we want to make sure your corporate event stands out in the mind of everyone who attends. Whether it’s a small platter of sandwiches for an intimate meeting, or a large lunch, we’re up to the task. To discuss your catering needs with us, call 03 9018 9321 or email info@