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Weekly Meal Delivery

Simple and quick reheating instructions

Weekly Meal Delivery Reheating Instructions

Follow these simple guidelines for successful gourmet meal reheating and enjoy your meals with the full flavour they deserve.

Our food is prepared fresh to be delicious and resounding with flavour.
Follow these easy instructions to enjoy our foods to their fullest.

IMPORTANT: To ensure food is at its best we recommend defrosting before reheating

(Remove lid and place loosely on top)
(Degrees Celsius)
(Remove from packaging and place in oven proof tray)
Beef Tenderloin Not advised 200° uncovered for 13-17 min
Leg of lamb 2 min. 175° covered for20 -25 min.
Lamb cutlets Not advised 200° uncovered for 10 min.
Chicken breast 2 ½ min. 200° covered for 15 min.
Chicken Schnitze 2 min. 200° covered 15 min.
Duck breast Not advised 215° uncovered for 13-17 min.
Fish – 1” thick 1 ½ min. 200° uncovered for 10 -14 min.
Fish – 2” thick 2 min. 200° uncovered for 12-15 min.
Prawn 2 min. 200° uncovered for 10 min.
Meatloaf 2 min. 200° covered for 15-18 min.
Half Chicken 2 ½ min. 200° covered for 18- 20 min.
Vegetables – steamed 2 min. NA
Potato mashed 2 min. NA
Potato and vegetables – roasted 1 ½ min. 175° covered for 15-20 min.
Steak 1.5 mins 200° uncovered for 5 – 8 mins
Patties 1.5 mins 200° uncovered for 8 – 12 mins.
Rice 1 ½ min. NA
Currys, stir-fry, casserole and soups 2 min. stirring once NA
Lasgana 2 ½ min. 200° uncovered for 15 -20 min.
Pasta 2 ½ min. NA


*Since every stove is slightly different, we have given a range of times to reheat our dishes. Try heating the minimum time suggested and then check every few min. until food has reached desired heat.

If your gourmet meal is delivered fresh and you would like it can be frozen if done that day. However perishable food, salads, fruit and bread should be used within that week. Meals can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months from the date of delivery.