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Private Catering Melbourne

Your Private Chef is a premier private catering Melbourne-based service provider offering a range of dining styles to match your personality, eating preferences and budget. Each event we do is unique and our fully customisable food experiences will leave you truly impressed.

Mediterranean Inspired Catering

Mediterranean cuisine is focused on simple cooking, fresh, wholesome ingredients and natural herbs and spices. Real food enjoyed by real people.

One of the basic tenets is the enjoyment and pleasure of food. Food is a social event with full bodied aromas and of course red wine as a feature.

Mediterranean catering is at the heart of Your private Chef and Executive Chef, David Kolembus.

Our menus have been inspired by the many cultures adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. From Croatia, where Chef David's roots hail, to Italy, Greece, Span, North Africa and Turkey. These are regions we have studied for decades, travelled extensively through and spent many years living in.

When you're in the Mediterranean, your meals are savored, to be consumed at leisure with family and friends.

We take this devotion to food to the next level with our VIP service - allowing you to focus on being a guest in your own home.

Catering Vs Restaurant Dining

In Australia's food capital, you have to try pretty hard to find a bad restaurant meal. In short - we're spoilt in Melbourne. Spoilt for choice, spoilt for variety and spoilt for a reasonably cost effective night out.

Basically - been there, done that about 500 times!

There is nothing new about eating out, and while celebrating a milestone at a beautiful restaurant is always a lovely night - the wow factor for you and your guests has no doubt worn off.

Private Catering in your own home on the other hand, now that' s something very special indeed.

Imagine having an award winning chef, professional wait staff and bartenders in your own home - creating tailor-made dishes and serving you in your own dining room and best of all cleaning up like it never happened!

Now that's what we call an unforgettable food experience!

Many of our customers have never experienced this kind of dining before - yet when they do get a taste of the royal life they wonder how they ever slaved away at home themselves.

Your Private Chef catering really is the VIP treatment - and it's more cost effective than you may think.



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Who is
the private chef

Your Private Chef was created by internationlly acclaimed chef David Kolembus, following a career spanning close to 20 years

David Kolembus, Your Private Chef Owner

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