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Wedding catering

When every last detail needs to be perfect, you can rely on Your Private Chef Catering & Events to provide an Unforgettable Food Experience for your special day. There are so many lovely dining options for you to choose from, whether it be an intimate wedding for 10 or an elaborate occasion for hundreds!

We have a menu to suit your style, budget and personality! We can also tailor menus for special dietary requirements ensuring every one of your special guests is looked after.

Wedding catering menu

Fine Dinning

Fine dining

Indulge in an intimate sit-down three-course dinner
Our seasonal three-course menu embraces formal dining through stunning entrées, mains, and desserts. We understand how unique your wedding is, which is why we work closely with you to create a tailor-made three-course dining menu that you and your guests will love!

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Family-style shared dining
A beautiful shared meal experience, banquet catering is all about connecting. Beautifully presented platters on tables or on a central buffet creates an intimate and engaging dining experience. With so many menu options available, buffet catering lends itself perfectly to a home wedding, bench style seating, or a more relaxed affair.

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Delight guests with delicate canapes
Your Private Chef will create the perfect tailor-made canape menu for your special day.

Whether you prefer canapes as a delicious nibble before dinner or you opt for a cocktail-style wedding centered on mingling, Your Private Chef will create the perfect canape menu for your special day. Our roving waiters ensure no guest misses out!

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Dessert Buffet

Dessert buffet

Trend alert: cheese towers and dazzling donuts
Finish your evening on a sweet note as you select a metallic-glazed donut from your very own donut wall or follow the latest craze and opt for a cheese tower in lieu of a traditional wedding cake.

Our stunning donut wall, adorned with flowers, is a guaranteed talking point that will thrill your guests, while our cheese towers, built using the finest Artisan cheeses from around the world, are decorated with flowers, fruit, and more.

There's always room for dessert!

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Food Station

Food stations

The ultimate in shared dining
Decadent and beautifully styled food stations are a growing trend for all kinds of events – including weddings! Our impressive spreads will captivate not only your taste buds, but your eye, too!

Emergency Wedding Catering

Emergency wedding catering

Last-minute catering disaster? Has your caterer or venue let you down?
Call Your Private Chef now for expert wedding catering... even at the last minute! We work well under pressure and have ties to some of the best wedding venues across Melbourne. Call us today to solve your catering panic!

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